Woocommerce vs Shopify – Which should you choose?

Do you want to start an e-commerce store but couldn’t which platform you should settle with. When it comes to choosing an e-commerce platform, most people get confused between Woocommerce & Shopify. Both are a great e-commerce platform with which you can easily create a strong online store & sell products & services online.

The popularity of both Shopify and e-commerce websites is growing day by day as most people prefer to using one of these two e-commerce platforms. Both of the platforms highly rich in features and are easy to work with but choosing which would be the best suitable for your business can be quite challenging. To find the best suitable e-commerce platform, you would need to break down all their advantages & disadvantages to have a better picture of both the platforms.

Every business owner wants that their online store become successful & they can attain high revenues from it but to be able to run your business successfully, you need to ensure that you are using the right e-commerce store.

Both the platforms are filled with their own merits & demerits so before making a decision, you need to compare & contrast the two to find the perfect platform for your business.

Shopify vs Woocommerce

Shopify is an online tool that enables business owners to build a fully-functional & aesthetically pleasing online store. With Shopify, you can easily build a website without having any technical knowledge as Shopify is a hosted platform so you don’t have to worry about web hosting, security & hosting, etc.

Woocommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms as one can easily customize each and every element of the website to accommodate their business needs. Woocommerce offers full ownership so that you can easily extend your site’s functionality as per your likings.

Let’s discuss both Shopify & Woocommerce in more depth:

We have rounded up all the key factors of both the e-commerce platform so that you can easily compare & make the right decision.

Ease of use

 Woocommerce: The learning curve of woo-commerce is steeper than Shopify which is why people require more time to understand its working. Being a self-hosted platform, you need to manage all the technical aspects of the website yourself. This platform is highly flexible & you can get full control over your site. There are thousands of WordPress plugins available in the WordPress landscape so you can manage the whole platform using them.

Shopify: Shopify is a great platform that is absolutely easy to use. If you don’t have proper technical knowledge then you can choose this platform as it is hosted so all the major functionalities are taken care of by Shopify so you can manage your website easily. In Shopify, you can easily add new products & create a new e-commerce store.


Woocommerce: In this platform, you’ll have Paypal & Stripe payments by default but you can also add more payment methods. In woo-commerce, you won’t have to pay any extra charge for your store transactions.

Shopify: In Shopify, you can avail plenty of payment options. It has both an in-house payment solution & other third-party payment options so you can easily make payments. However, unlike woocommerce, you have to pay a 2% fee on every transaction done via any third-party platform.


Woocommerce: Woocommerce is a highly popular e-commerce platform as here you can avail a plethora of amazing features such as unlimited customization, pre-installed payment gateways, geo-location support, built-in blog, etc.

Shopify: In this platform, you can have more e-commerce related tools such as embedding unlimited products, discount codes, mobile-friendly, and most importantly abandoned cart recovery, etc. In the world of online stores, customers abandoning their carts is a common issue that can be fixed if you choose to use the Shopify platform for your website.


Woocommerce: If you want your website to be scalable enough to handle more traffic & requests then you can easily do using woo commerce as being a self-hosted platform, you get control over resources. Either by upgrading your hosting plan or better managing your resources, you can easily make your website scalable.

Shopify: Being a hosted platform, you will never have to worry about scalability as the whole technical aspect of the website is handled by Shopify. As you see your traffic growing then you can switch to other plans so that you can easily handle your growing business.


Woocommerce: We all know how a good theme can change the whole vibe of the website. A theme should be aesthetically pleasing and full of functionalities so that it can attract the attention of your potential audience. Woocommerce has both free & premium themes that have a fresh & clean layout. You can also create a custom theme to develop your e-commerce website.

Shopify: Shopify offers a plethora of themes that give your store a high-end & professional feel. There are both free & premium themes that are highly polished and are designed to meet all your website goals. Both free & paid themes are great for running an e-commerce website.

So, these are the key factors that one needs to consider before choosing an e-commerce platform. Both the platforms are highly powerful so you need to analyze all the factors then choose a platform that suits best to your business.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up, we can say that deciding which platform will work best for you entirely depends on the kind of website you want & on your business goals.