Woocommerce Marketing Techniques to Boost Traffic & Sales

Opening the door of your virtual store to the world is pretty exciting however the major challenge begins when you want to boost traffic & sales on your online store. The major goal of every woocommerce store is to maximize sales & revenue.

Running the store by incorporating effective marketing techniques and tactics can easily trigger the conversion rates. Taking the right measures plays a crucial role in converting the leads into returning customers.

Here, we’ve compiled a few effective Woocommerce marketing tactics to enhance your revenues and to scale up your business to the next level:

Social Signals

Social media plays a crucial role in boosting customer engagements. Social profile contributes a fair share in increasing the credibility of your business which eventually helps in boosting the traffic and sales of the website. Nowadays, more than 70% of people are active on social media so it gives you an untapped opportunity to share your products & to generate new leads. People love to share their opinion and reviews on the product they buy so you need to make sure that all your product pages have a separate section where people can drop their reviews. To boost traffic and sales, you need to use the social signals in the right manner.

Install a countdown timer

Most people are not aware that adding a countdown timer can elevate the sales of the website. This tactic works on the principle of FOMO (Fear of Missing out), which implies that people desire to do all the things which others are doing to stay relevant and connected and to avoid the fear of regret. On installing a sale timer on your woocommerce site, you will actually make people act quickly to avoid the fear of missed opportunity. When people know that the discount period will end soon then they will shop aggressively, which eventually lead to a significant increase in sales.

Discounts & loyalty points

Granting discounts to new customers and offering loyalty points to the existing customers can make a significant impact on sales. It is a great way to spread the words about your virtual store and it helps in boosting the site traffic and sales. New offers and discount will make more & more customers to shop from your website, and to retain the existing ones, you can reward their loyalty by giving loyalty points which they can redeem in their purchases. By using this tactic, you can surely see a significant increase in sales.

Offer complementary products

Another effective marketing tactic to enhance traffic & sales is to offer complementary products. You can decide a certain amount on and above which this offer will be applicable. This will make people boost up their purchases to avail the complimentary product. By using this marketing technique, you can surely boost up your sales.

Final thoughts

Before wrapping this up, here are our final thoughts on this topic!

To run a successful Woocommerce store, you need to breathe fresh new air in your marketing techniques and need to observe the shopping behavior of the contemporary people. You need to think like customers and find the missing link. Also, make sure to fix all sorts of technical glitches so that people can have a great shopping experience on your website. And don’t forget to incorporate all the above-stated Woocommerce marketing techniques to boost sales & revenues.