Why your Facebook ads get disapproved?

Have your ads got disapproved by Facebook? Well, Facebook ads disapprovals are quite common as you are required to follow a procedure & avoid incorporating things that violate the algorithm of Facebook. Unlike other popular social media platforms, Facebook always reviews each & every advertisement & approve it before it can be published.

Creating a Facebook ad requires a lot of creativity & hard work but if you don’t consider creating in a way that it doesn’t meet the advertising policies then it is bound to get rejected. By getting your Facebook ad right, you can easily boost your site’s branding & sales.

When it comes to Facebook ad advertising, we all crave approval as without getting approved, we can’t promote our product/services with our target audience. Nobody exactly knows how the Facebook algorithm works but it generally takes from 2 minutes to 2 days to get approved.

If your Facebook ad has got rejected then you should lookup for the possible reasons behind it so that you can rectify that issue & get your ad approved. If you add isn’t get approved then you need to edit its content so that it doesn’t get rejected again.

Let’s discuss all the possible reasons why your Facebook ads get disapproved:

You promise unrealistic results

The first possible reason behind your ad getting disapproved can be due to unrealistic results that you are promising in your ad. Facebook approves those ads that they believe to be truthful. If your ad contains too much exaggerations then it is quite obvious that Facebook will not publish it.

You include Facebook in your ad

The next possible reason behind your disapproved Facebook ad can be due to the presence of the Facebook word in your ad campaign. When you add Facebook work in your ad then it shows that Facebook is endorsing your product/service and it shows that you are misusing the platform. To prevent your app from getting disapproved, you need to ensure that your ad content doesn’t have a Facebook word in it.

Too much text

If you are thinking that including too much content can help in making your ad more powerful then you should stop & reconsider it again as your ad won’t get approved if it has too much text in the image. You can only add only 20 percent of your image to add text. If you ever go over that allowed 20% then your ad is bound to get disapproved.

Your ad mimics any element of Facebook

The next possible reason behind your Facebook ad’s disapproval is that it may mimic any element of Facebook. If any part of your Facebook ad looks similar to Facebook’s design then it straight away will get rejected by the Facebook advertisers.

Your ad content has a sexual connotation

The next possible reason for Facebook ad getting disapproved could be the presence of inappropriate content of the ad. You need to ensure that your ad is suitable for a family-friendly space like Facebook. If your ad has any sexual images or content then it will surely get disapproved.

Your ad promote restricted product

The next possible reason behind your Facebook ad getting disapproved can be due to the promotion of a restricted product. Facebook prohibits the users from promoting certain products/services so if your product belongs to that category then your ad will not get published on Facebook. Always make sure to go through what kind of advertising laws are regulated in your region.

Your content copy isn’t original & right

The next thing that you need to take care of is that your content copy is original & is writing in the standard format so that it can easily get approved. Make sure that your ad doesn’t contain any spammy content in your ad copy such as emojis or multiple exclamation marks.

Your ad has landing page issues

The next issue that you need to take care of is that your landing page doesn’t have any issues. You need to follow UX principles so that your ad doesn’t mislead people into heading for a landing page that doesn’t that go along with your ad. You need to make sure that your landing page should be simple yet creative and push people towards the product/service page that they intend to show in their ad.

Your ad content is a clickbait

The next thing that you need to do to avoid getting your Facebook ad disapproved is by creating an ad copy that is not clickbait. Clickbait is associated with spreading fake news which Facebook is truly against of so you need to ensure that your content copy isn’t a clickbait as then it will probably get disapproved by the Facebook advertisers.

So, these are the possible reasons behind your Facebook ad getting disapproved. Make sure to avoid them so that you can boost your sales & conversion rate by running a successful Facebook ad.

What you can do if Facebook disapproves of your ad?

If Facebook has disapproved of your ad then you need to check your content copy whether it has violated any Facebook’s policy and then you can consider modifying it so that it can get approved by the Facebook advertisers. If you think your ad content doesn’t violate any provision of Facebook then you can consider appealing for Facebook’s disapproval decision. Then this will send a request to the Facebook advertisers to reconsider their decision & to provide a proper reason behind the disapproval decision of the ad.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up we can say that, Facebook ads are commonly disapproved by the advertisers simply because they don’t follow the rules & regulations of Facebook ads. If your ads are getting disapprove then you consider revisiting their advertising policies.