Why live chat is important for your business?

In this highly competitive digital landscape, running an eCommerce website can be quite challenging. Keeping up with the expectations of the visitors is essential to ensure that giant strides of success are added to your business. Keeping the customer happy & satisfied should be every business’ priority as it not only helps in improving your customer base but also develops a deeper relationship with them.

Every business should provide quality customer service to enhance the shopping experience of the users. Better customer service higher will be the conversion rate. Sometimes, people have queries regarding the product/ service price, shipping or refund which require instant respond so in such scenarios contacting via email or social media may not help the customers as average response time is 10-12 hours. It can make the customer shift over to your competitors, and nobody would ever like to lose a customer to their competitors. Nowadays, the competition is too intense & to be able to retain existing customers & gain new ones, It is highly crucial to have live chat support on your business website, and is no longer an option now as people prefer to make their purchases from the site where they can get real-time customer support.

Big companies like Comcast & Verizon have been offering the live support option for years that’s why they have been able to establish a strong customer base. In this digital world, the customers expect to know everything about their product & marketers too want to boost their sales so by having live chat support on your website, you can enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

Sometimes, customers have some questions regarding the product/service, and in the absence of any real-time customer support, they end up leaving your website. According to a survey, around 68% of people prefer to communicate through live chat & 44% customers have connected to the support executive via live chat in the middle of their online purchase. Live chat support is beneficial for both your potential buyers & current customers as potential buyers would want to know more about the product & your current customers may like to know the status of their ordered product.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a few reasons why having a live chat is important for your business:

Live chat support boost sales

Using live chat support on the website can boost your website’s sales. Your potential customers can have an array of questions in their heads regarding your product so with live chat support, you can get to hold your customers by answering all their queries instantly. Gone are the days, when people used to write emails to solve their queries as, with so many options available, they can quickly be flung to another site so having live chat support is crucial to retain customers which will eventually help in boosting your sales.

Live chat support is cost-efficient

The traditional way of customer service is quite expensive as customer service agents ca deal with one request at a time which increases the overall helpdesk cost but by using a live chat you can easily deal with multiple people at a time. It allows multiple chat distribution so agents can easily handle many chats simultaneously. It helps in saving customer’s time & cutting your support cost.

Live chat builds long-term relationships with customers

A happy & satisfied customer is less likely to switch to another website for making his purchases. By having live chat support on your website, you can easily solve all your potential customers’ queries. Also, people become regular customers of those companies where they feel their voice is heard. Having chat support gives ample opportunities for your business to create a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Forms are outdated

Gone are the days when people use to fill up a contact form to get in touch with the company regarding their products. Filling up a big contact form only to wait for 24-48 hours to get a reply is something that no one would like to do. Most businesses have a contact form on their website to collect email ids of their customers that’s why most people don’t like to use a contact form.

Improve web experience

When it comes to buying products online, nobody wants to waste their time writing emails or talking on the phone to get any piece of information about products. It completely ruins the web experience of the users & they tend to abandon their purchase in the middle. Live chat helps in improving the web experience of the users as they can easily navigate & talk to the support agents to get all their questions answered.

24/7 Availability builds trust

Establishing trust & credibility in the customer is essential for successfully running a business. By showing that you are 24/7 available to your customers helps in building their trust in your company. By showing a responsive customer services to your target audience, you can easily gain their trust.

Final Thoughts

Live chat is a must-have functionality for every business as it boosts sales, conversion rates and also helps in improving the overall experience of your customers. By having smooth communication with your customers, you can build long-term relationships with them.