Why Fixing Broken Links is Important for your Website?

No website is immune to the broken links, however, finding and fixing broken links should be practiced to keep the website in a healthy condition. Broken links should never be overlooked as it can severely harm the website in the long-run. Putting long hours of hard work & resources is not quite enough, you need to put equal efforts in maintaining the website. Broken links not only hurt the user experience of the visitors but also negatively impact the SEO. Both search engines & visitors find broken links quite frustrating which is why it is essential for every website to get their broken links fixed or removed. In the digital marketing world, to be able to perform better on the SERPs, it is quite important to fix broken links.

When a person visits a webpage and ends up being on a 404 error page then it really disappoints him. Having broken links on the website can really impact the overall performance of the website on the search engine.

What are the broken links?

A broken link or dead link is a webpage that can no longer be assessed by any user. Broken links can be internal or external. Internal broken links are the hyperlinks that lead to the pages within the website whereas external broken links are the ones that lead to the webpages outside the website.

Broken links can happen due to the following reasons such as:

  • The web page is permanently deleted
  • The URL of the webpage has been changed
  • The website no longer exists

Broken links are big troublemakers which need to be fixed as soon as possible. When any visitor clicks on a link and it doesn’t work then it severely damages their user experience, and in fact, there are high chances that they’re less likely to come back to your website.

Here’re the error messages that you will probably see if a webpage has broken links in it:

  • Request time out
  • 404 page not found
  • Bad URL
  • 400 bad request

To keep the link juice flow freely, you need to ensure that your website doesn’t have any broken links in it. If you overlook the broken links then all your hard work will probably go down the drain. Even search engines also don’t like websites that have broken links in it. Google loves those websites which provide excellent user experience to the users & it usually ranks those websites low in the search engine which have broken links in it.

Causes of broken links

Broken links are surely bad from the SEO perspective, and to avoid any broken links on your site, you need to understand what are the possible causes of broken links

  • Broken link occurs when you mistype while creating the link
  • Renaming a webpage but forgetting to update your links
  • Changing the site URL
  • Deleting media from web page

So, these are some of the common causes of broken links. If you don’t avoid these mistakes then you will probably fall into the pitfalls that will harm your website in the long run.

We’ve rounded up the reasons why fixing broken links is important for your business:

Broken links can ruin your website’s user experience

Broken links can really make your website’s user experience chaotic. To be able to retain a good position on the search engine, providing good user experience to your visitors is of utmost importance. You may overlook the broken links but your visitors & search engine will not so by not fixing them you are only favoring your competitors. By providing a good user experience to your users, you can enhance your search engine ranking.

Broken links can harm your SEO efforts

To be able to rank higher in the search engine, you need to improve your SEO efforts. By having broken links on your site, you are wasting all your SEO efforts. When Google bots crawl a broken link then it won’t pass the link juice as the normal link does. The main purpose of building links is to flow the link juice onto the other web pages but with a broken link all your SEO efforts. Also, visitors tend to leave the website once they saw broken link which results in increasing the bounce rate of the website. Google also takes the bounce rate into consideration while ranking websites on the search engine.

Broken links stain the site reputation

Another major reason why fixing broken links is important because it severely affects the reputation of the website. To run a website, one needs to invest so much time & resources in it but if you have broken links on your website then all your visitors will turn away from your website which will badly stain your website reputation in the digital world.

Broken links will slow down your conversion rate

To be able to run a successful business, it is essential to improve your site’s conversion rate. If you don’t make your website free of broken links then you are more likely to roadblock your conversion rates. Having a good conversion rate is important to stay ahead of your competitors.

How to manage your broken links?

To be able to get rid of all your broken backlinks both internal & external, you need to monitor all your links. Run through all your website’s link weekly so that you can easily find & fix all your broken links. Also, make sure to keep a close eye on your website’s analytics, and on noticing any change in the bounce rate or conversion rate, make sure to scan your site for broken links.

Final Thoughts

Broken links should be avoided at all costs as it can severely harm the website in the long run. By keeping your website away from broken links, you can avoid all the risks associated with it.