Where to get help for your WordPress issues?

WordPress is a great platform to get your website started as its amazing features and functionalities can get your site running smoothly. However, there will be times when you get stuck in some complex things where you would require some support to fix the issue.

For a WordPress newbie, installing plugins, customizing code or fixing the site can be quite overwhelming, and it can even make him frustrated. However, WordPress help is never too away to fix your issues, all you need to know is where to seek help. Although WordPress doesn’t offer any assistance over the phone call, you can find help through other effective approaches. No matter whether you require basic or technical support, you can always look for help in the WordPress community.

You don’t have to scratch your head now to find help with WordPress as

We’ve rounded up a few ways using which you can easily get WordPress support

WordPress FAQs

The first place where one should look out for solutions is the WordPress FAQs page. Here the developers of the WordPress community have neatly categorized all the common issues that one tends to face in WordPress. Whenever you require any assistance then you can read through the FAQs present in WordPress support page.

Help Button

The next place where you can find help with WordPress is the help button present at the top right corner of the page. By clicking on it, you will be lead to the relevant WordPress documentation associated with that particular page. There are very high chances that you may find a solution in that very documentation.

Support Forums

WordPress has support forums to help the users solve their problems. In these forums, you will get a variety of resources under different categories where you can find the solution to your problem. No matter what kind of problem are you facing with your site, you can always look out for a solution in the WordPress forums.


At WordPress.tv, you can find a great tutorial for both beginners & experts level. Various quick & helpful videos (tutorials) for troubleshooting any problem. It is a visual help resource where you can seek help with WordPress.

WP Compendium

For a WordPress newbie, WP Compendium is an amazing place to look for help as they have a stack of all the helpful tutorial which can help the user in getting along with WordPress. Its extension is also available for Chrome browser so that one can easily find its ways in WordPress.

WordPress Stack Exchange

If you are a WordPress beginner and need assistance relating to WordPress codes then this site can turn out to be a great resource for you. Here, you can look out for the solutions without registration. Most accurate answers are moved to the top so that people can seek help.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need basic or complex help for your WordPress site, you can always seek help at these above-mentioned places. All the information and tutorial available at those platforms are totally reliable so you can easily address all your issues.