What type of links does Google really prefer?

Building quality links is one of the most effective SEO tactics that every website requires to rank on the first page of Google. We all know that high-quality backlinks help with ranking but do know exactly what type of links does Google really prefers? Nowadays, people tend to build backlinks using black hat practices which Google totally condemn and end up penalizing them.

Understanding what kind of links really work is important before engaging in the link building process so that you can use your resources and time in the most productive way. Links are considered as an important factor that Google uses to determine the authority & trustworthiness of a website.

Earlier link building was much easier as with little efforts, one could easily build dozens of backlinks but now link building has become quite challenging as you need to have a deep understanding of the type of links that can positively affect the search ranking of your site. Building numerous irrelevant backlinks is not something that Google appreciates. Google prefer high-quality, relevant links that can indicate the credibility of your website. To be able to rank higher on the search engine, it is highly crucial to create links before breaking any Google’s guidelines. You have to be very cautious while building backlinks and should always avoid creating links from suspicious websites.

Still confused about the type of links you should create?

We’ve rounded a list of the type of links that Google really prefer

Internal links

Before seeking other ways to create backlinks, you need to work on creating internal links. With internal links, you can interconnect your website links. Google prefers internal links as it helps in indexing all the pages of the site. It also helps in boosting the SEO of the site. By doing internal linking, you can pass on the link juice from high authority pages to other pages. You should always use keyword-rich anchor text so that Google improves the rank of your webpages.

.Edu links

The next type of links that you should consider creating is edu links. Edu sites have really high authority on the search engine. By having edu links in your backlink structure, you can indicate Google that your website content is credible. Google loves to rank those sites higher that have backlinks from high authority sites. .edu links are highly valuable as it can boost SEO profile.

Editorial links

The next type of link that Google prefers is editorial links. These types of links are built when your site has good content and other sites organically attract & link to it. If people link to you & promote your content on their site then it will indicate the search engine that your content is highly valuable. This will help in boosting your website authority and ranking.

Links from press

The next type of link that Google prefers is links from the press. You can create a study so that the journalists will cite it and give you a backlink. Media websites are highly valuable in the search engine so by getting links from press sites, you can attain a good ranking in the search engine.

Links from relevant directories

The next type of links that you should consider creating is from relevant directories. You can find thousands of directories in the search engine but creating links without checking whether they are relevant to your niche could affect your search ranking negatively. Look for legit directories that are relevant to your niche as then it will help in boosting your online presence.

Links from guest blogging

The next type of link that you should consider building is by doing guest blogging. Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways of building a backlink. You can easily create high-authority links through guest blogging & it will also help in expanding your personal network. Most big websites allow guest blogging so you should take it as an opportunity to create relevant backlinks.

Links from wiki sites

Google loves those links that come from valuable content. You can build backlinks by contributing to various wiki sites. Just like Wikipedia, wiki sites are also highly valuable. Getting links from them can boost your overall SEO performance of the site. All you need to do is find a relevant wiki site to which you can contribute then you can earn links from there.

Nofollow links

The backlink structure of your website would be incomplete if you don’t consider creating some nofollow links. All the websites should have a combination of both dofollow & no-follow links to rank higher on the search engine. Some people have a major misconception that nofollow links are of no good but if you analyze the backlink profile of all the high authoritative websites then you will find that they have a good ration no-follow backlinks in it.

Links from social media profiles

The next type of links that you should consider building is social media profile links. There are a number of social media platforms such as facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. You need to make your profile on share and should share your link in your profile so that you can attain profile backlinks.

So, these are the type of links that Google really prefers. You can improve your search ranking by creating these backlinks.

Final Thoughts

Having a strong backlink structure is highly important to secure a good position in Google SERPs. By building these kinds of backlinks, you can surely beat your competitors and rank higher.