Website Ranking Factors in 2020

In this digital age, every business wants to rank at the top of Google’s search result but it is not an easy task in this highly-competitive webspace. To be able to dominate the SERPs, it is very crucial to have a deep knowledge of all the factors that can affect the ranking of your website. The search engine takes various factors into consideration before ranking it.

Have you ever wondered why some website ranks better than the other websites? Well, this happens because the high-ranked sites are better optimized for all the factors that Google considers while ranking. With better ranking, one can easily achieve better sales & revenue. It also plays a significant role in growing your online business as people prefer to buy from the sites that rank at a higher position on the search engine. The higher-ranking position suggests that the company is credible so they don’t hesitate in dealing with them.

If you want to rank your website higher on the search engine then you need to incorporate a strategy that will optimize your site in accordance with the Google ranking factors. To be able to attract a good amount of traffic, you need to uncover all ranking signals that Google uses while ranking a website.

We’ve rounded up all the essential factors that Google take into consideration while ranking a website:


As the number of mobile users is rapidly growing & surpassing desktop users, Google has declared mobile-friendliness as one of the major ranking factors. Nowadays, most people access the internet on their mobile devices instead of a desktop so Google has decided to prioritize the mobile-friendliness factor while ranking any website. Google’s mobile-first index has changed the working of the digital landscape as nowadays all website owner needs to ensure that its website runs smoothly on mobile devices.

If you want to rank better on the search engine then you need to ensure that the website is mobile-friendly. By optimizing your website according to the mobile devices, you can easily improve your ranking on the search engine.

HTTPS secured

The next ranking factor that Google considers is whether your site is HTTPS secured or not. An HTTPS secured website ensures that the user’s connection is completely protected. Google prefers to rank those sites better is totally protected through authentication & encryption. If you & your competitors have similar ranking & traffic then by making your site HTTPS secured, Google will automatically rank your website higher than the competitors.

High-quality optimized content

No factor is more important than the content of your website. You need to make your content effective enough to gain authority on the search engine. While ranking any website, Google ensures that the content of the site offers value to the audience. Also, you need to optimize it in a way that it can easily rank on both long-tail & short-tail keywords. By concentrating on writing valuable content, You can easily get a higher ranking on the search engine.

Social signals

In this age of social media, having social proof is highly important for every business as it not only helps in gaining better visibility but also helps in gaining credibility. Even Google also consider social signals as an important ranking factor. Having good social signals indicate the search engine that your brand has high authority and is credible. Social signals can boost your website’s online visibility & have a direct impact on search rankings.

Page speed

Another important factor that Google considers while ranking any website is page speed. Your website should load with 3 seconds otherwise you may lose an opportunity to rank higher on the search engine. You need to optimize every element of your website so that your website loads up within seconds.

Optimized images

The next thing that Google consider while ranking a website is whether the images are well-optimized or not. For a successful online presence, you need to ensure that all the images are of high-quality but are well-optimized so that it shows up the Image section of the Google search. You need to add alt-tags in all the images so that your ranking & web traffic improves.

User experience

Another factor that Google considers while ranking any website is the user experience. User experience refers to the emotions that a user exhibits while interacting or exploring the website. To be able to rank higher on the search engine, you need to ensure that the user experience of your website is good enough to hold the interest of the visitors for a longer period of time. You need to make your website both aesthetically pleasing & functional so that people can experience good user-experience.

So, these are a few essential factors that Google considers while ranking a website. You need to work on all these factors so that you can easily improve your search engine rankings.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up, we can say that, By monitoring the ranking signals, you can make your website rank better on the search engine. Make sure to make an effective strategy so that you can cover all these important ranking factors & improve your search engine ranking.