Website Maintenance Checklist

Running a website is a daunting task as one needs to review it on a regular basis to avoid any break downs. Maintaining a website involves regular checking to detect any potential issue and to rectify it as soon as possible. By keeping the website updated, you can ensure that your site is in a healthy state. A well-maintained and organized website will give the right impression of your business.

Efficient working of the website is of high importance as your website is the backbone of your business. Conducting in-depth maintenance involves scanning the whole website to ensure that it runs at its peak.

Let’s discuss the things that one must incorporate in the website maintenance checklist:

Website errors

The first thing that one needs to look for in a website is errors. You need to check for any errors in the log files etc. The error of any kind can appear in the website and one needs to look out for them in to fix it before it creates any big problem to the working of your site. One should look for grammatical errors, missing page titles or meta tags or inconsistent formatting in the entire website.

Website backup

The next thing is that one should ensure that the website database is backup regularly. Data backup is highly important and one should make sure that all the files and data backups are automatically done on a weekly basis.

Broken links

The next thing that one needs to do is running a link checker to look for broken links. Neither search engine nor visitors prefer broken links on the website, you need to remove all the broken links from your website. There are various tools available online with which you can find out all the broken links of your website.

Security Updates

Keeping the security of your website tighten is also essential. Make sure that both the web developer and hosting provider has updated the software. Also, make sure to change the passwords frequently so that it doesn’t get hacked easily.

Test browser compatibility

Sometimes, the website layout becomes incompatible with the new browser so you need to test the browser compatibility regularly to ensure that your website works well on every browser. Some people use Google Chrome whereas some use safari so, you need to make sure that your website runs smoothly on every browser.

Review contact information

Accuracy of contact information is highly important as it is the only medium people can contact you so you need to review the details to ensure that all the information entered here is correct.

Final Thoughts

Websites need to be checked regularly to ensure that they work at their efficiency. Websites are the backbone of the businesses so one needs to ensure that their website performs effectively.