Web design pitfalls to avoid in 2019

Ever since the world of web design/ development has come into existence in the year 1990, the whole landscape has evolved drastically. However, even after decades, novice web developers are falling into the pitfalls of web design. With the availability of endless resources or tools at the disposal, web designing may seem like a task can be done over a weekend but a lot of things can go wrong & all your hard work can fall down the drain.

Often some simple mistakes end up impacting the major features/functionality of the website that eventually affects the overall performance of the website on SERPs. Every web designer desire to create interactive websites but in the whole process of designing & development, they tend to commit common mistakes that affect the end user’s experience.

Starting from designing stage to the development stage, a lot of things need to be considered to ensure that the end result can exceed the expectation of the client but all the hustle & bustle, anything that gets wrong. No matter whether you are a novice or expert web developer, there are some common mistakes that are more prone to happen.

web design pitfalls to avoid in 2019Surely, we have a plethora of resources & guides which we can follow systematically to create aesthetically pleasing & interactive websites, but when one gets bounded by an allotted time, one can easily fall into the pitfall without even having an idea.

Sometimes, some developers fall into the pitfalls due to inability of managing both front-end & back-end of the website. By having proper knowledge of both technology, you can end up making reduntant mistakes.

Every web developer should be aware of the main goals that a company is trying to achieve through the website as then he could put his creativity & knowledge to work.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some common web design pitfalls that every web designer/developer needs to avoid in 2019:

#Pitfall 1: No Call-to-action

One of the most common web design mistakes that we come across in the digital world is lacking a call-to-action. A proper call-to-action is one of the most important factors that affects the sales of the website as it informs the people what, where & how to do. A call-to-action is a persuasive command which is linked to the product/service page of the website. The design of the CTA has to be coth clear & creative so that people can do the action easily. Some of the examples of CTA are “add to cart”, “contact us”, and “sign up the newsletter” etc. Some web developers don’t understand how a call-to-action can impact the user experience of the visitors that’s why they end up making this huge mistake.

#Pitfall 2: Ambiguity on closing the pop-up

Sometimes, pop-up windows are not designed & developed properly which result in frustrating the visitors and they end up exiting from the website. It is one of the most frequently occurring issues which highly impact the bounce rate of the website. While developing a website, the developers need to ensure that pop-up windows have a proper cross sign so that the visitors can easily close it. The close button should be properly visible so that it doesn’t ruin the user experience of the visitors.

#Pitfall 3: Incorporating non-responsive design

The next common mistake that novice web developers tend to commit is incorporating non-responsive designs. In 2019, skipping responsive design is a huge mistake as nowadays, people access websites from a variety of different devices so if the website is not properly displayed on all platforms then it can result in ruining the user-experience of the people. With so much competition in the digital landscape, nobody would like to make transactions from a website which has poor user-experience. So, incorporating no-responsive design is a big “NO” in 2019.

web design pitfalls to avoid in 2019#Pitfall 4: Just focusing on aesthetics

Another common mistake that many webs developers tend to commit is that they spend all their creativity & knowledge in making the website visually aesthetic. Well, aesthetics do matter to captivate the attention of the target audience but all style with no substance will not lead the website anywhere. If your website is incapable of delivering value then you will end up losing traffic & visibility in the long-run. As web technology is evolving day by day, people expect the website to both aesthetically pleasing & full of functionalities. So, never ever forget to add values to your website by adding required functionalities.

#Pitfall 5: Font sizes are not reader-friendly

The next common mistake that most web developers tend to do is using fonts that are too small & not reader-friendly. Some fonts are doesn’t give professional vibes to the website and are not ideal for websites. People tend to access a website from a variety of devices which is readability should not be overlooked otherwise you will start losing all the traffic. If the font is not reader-friendly, your visitors will not take more than 3 seconds to exit from your website.

Final Thoughts

Apart from these mistakes, web designers also commit some other common mistakes such as poor design, wrong SEO, etc. All of these mistakes should be avoided as it not only ruins the user-experience but also impacts the website’s traffic, sales and visibility on the search engine.