Voice Search Optimization Strategy

In recent years, voice-search has brought a revolutionary change in people’s finding & purchasing behavior of products & services. Google claims that by 2020, voice-searches will probably get increased by 50%. Even nowadays, people prefer to use a voice assistant such as Alexa, Siri, Cortana to conduct a search query instead of physically typing it in Google search bar. Even in the SEO trends of 2019, voice search was one of the prominent trends which have revolutionized the digital landscape.

Keeping in mind this growing voice-search trend, every business owner should consider optimizing its data to enable their potential customers to find them by conducting a voice search. To stay ahead of competitors, you need to incorporate effective voice-search optimization strategy.

Let’s consider the essential factors of voice search optimization strategy:

Featured Snippets

The first and most important factor that matters in voice search is featured snippets. Featured snippets are the search result texts which is provided to users when they enter a search query. It is also known as position 0 as they are positioned right above organic search results. When anyone conducts a voice search query then the voice assistants read out the content of featured snippets so to be able to get on the position zero, you need to make your content engaging & well-optimized.

Site speed

The next thing that you need to focus on is the speed of your website. Business owners need to improve their website’s speed as people will bounce back if your site doesn’t open within 3 seconds. People tend to conduct their search query using their mobile devices so you need to ensure that your site is well-optimized for mobiles and tablets.

Content readability

Another important factor is the readability of the content. To be able to appear in the voice search results, you need to ensure that your web content is easy to understand and doesn’t sound like a professional essay. Voice search assistant readout easy-to-understand content so that people can attain full satisfaction from answers.

Long-tail keywords

When people make a voice search query then they tend to use long tail keywords and phrases just like one uses it in a conversation. The best way to occur in the voice search result is by focusing on long-tail keywords. While optimizing the content of your website, make sure to incorporate long-tail keywords to be able to rank at the top.

Structured data

Structured data is a code which is added to HTML markup to help the search engine read the cont and crawl it efficiently. With structured data, you can easily create rich snippets which search engine loves to display at the top of the SERPs. Also, don’t forget to regularly update your markup.

Final Thoughts

Voice search has become immensely popular among people and it will grow dramatically in the near future so to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to start implementing effective voice search strategies. Follow our effective voice-search optimization strategy and make your way to the top of  SERPs.