Understanding Google’s BERT Update

Google has put one of the biggest leaps in the history of search by rolling out the BERT update. The BERT algorithm will help the crawlers to better understand Google searches. BERT is an acronym for Bidirectional Encoder Representations From Transformers, and it is mainly designed to help Google take its natural understanding of language to the next level. It is claimed to be Google’s biggest update, however, it will only impact 10% of all search queries.

No matter whether you run an e-commerce website, blog site or a B2B site, the BERT algorithm will surely impact it which makes it highly crucial for everyone to have a deep understanding of its working. This Google update is considered as the most important update since the release of the rank brain around 5 years back. In these 5 long years, Google has introduced an array of changes in the working of its algorithm.

What is BERT?

The BERT is a deep learning algorithm that helps machines to understand natural language queries. The official testing of BERT handling English language queries started back in October, however, it is until December 2019 that it made its groundbreaking entry by rolling out in 70 languages worldwide. With RankBrain, Google was able to understand synonyms & misspellings but now with BERT, it has become even more effective as it is now been able to understand language nuances & idiosyncrasies. Google’s algorithm has become so much powerful now that it can understand the natural language at quite a human level.

How does BERT work?

The BERT makes use of a natural language processing algorithm to work as an AI language model which helps in understanding the intent behind complex search queries. With the BERT algorithm, Google has aimed at rolling more human-like results as earlier Google bots used to fetch robot-like results. It took Google many years to create this algorithm but it has now finally come into being. Earlier Google’s algorithm was not been able to establish a relationship between words but now this new BERT algorithm can easily understand the natural language. Now Google can easily understand the context of search queries which will definitely benefit everyone.

Let’s consider some of the important facts that you must know about Google’s BERT update:

BERT is all about context

The first thing that comes when one say BERT is context as Google’s this algorithm all about understanding the context. With the BERT algorithm, Google understands the context of search queries then fetches relevant results. Earlier, Google didn’t have any technology that understand the context & intent behind the search queries so it used to show so Google used to interpret each word individually. All thanks to BERT technology, you can have better results and relevant results for your search queries.

BERT only affects one in 10 search queries for now

Many people who came to know about this fundamental update of Google’s algorithm got really scared as how it will going to impact their website. Well, sit back and relax, you don’t have to worry as BERT technology only affect one in 10 search queries and that too only in US english search results. Th Bert technology is in its initial phase so you don’t have to get worry about it however, it may have an impact on your website when it will start operating at its full force.

BERT is quite similar to RankBrain algorithm

The main aim & purpose of BERT is quite similar to its previous algorithm that is RankBrain which was used to better understand the complex search queries. RankBrain was able to understand the synonyms & misspelling but it couldn’t able to understand the nuances & context of the words mentioned in the search query but with this new BERT technology, Google bots are able to understand the context & intent of each search query.

Don’t change what you’re doing

Unlike the updates that took place in the past, this Google update will not create utter chaos in the search results. If you know that your content is great and natural then there is nothing that you should change in it. The BERT update is introduced to make it easier for the users to drive better results for their search queries so you should keep writing in a natural way.

Google will eliminate “Keyword-ese”

The next thing that Google aims at with its new algorithm update is to eliminate “keyword-ese”. You must be wondering what is this keywordd-ese? Well, keyword-ese refers to the awkward parases that people write to make Google understand their context & search intent. With BERT, Google is on a mission to remove all keyword-ese which will definitely bring a revolutionary change in people’s search expertence.

So, these are some of the major things that Google will cover with its BERT update and It will surely improve the search experience of the people.

Final Thoughts

To conclude this we can say that, BERT algorithm is true set to bring a revolutionary change in the working of the search engine & it will truly illuminated the future of search.