Top Reasons behind a Website Crash

Does your website crash quite often? Well, you are not alone, many people go through the same dilemma. When a website goes down or crash, people lose thousands of dollars in revenue that’s why it should be fixed as soon as possible. A website is the backbone of every online business so keeping it in good shape is highly crucial for generating higher sales & revenue.

Nothing makes a person more frustrated than not being able to figure out why his website is crashing again and again. A website can crash due to a couple of reasons which one needs to figure out to avoid get going it again. A website crashes when it stops serving data so it is essential to look for the potential reason behind so that you can take action towards fixing it. To keep your website’s sales intact, you should ensure that your website’s door is open at all times & your visitors can use it smoothly without any interruption. No website is immune from crashing but you can take some measures to avoid it. One of the first steps to avoid the crashing issue is by having a deep understanding of all the possible reasons that results in crashing a website.

The only way to avoid downtime is by finding out if there is any specific reason behind the crash then you can address it. Web disruption is a big deal, and people should pay attention to it otherwise, you may lose out on a big chunk of traffic.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the top reasons behind a website crash:

Reason #1: Malicious Attack                  

One of the most common reasons behind a website crash is due to a malicious attack from hackers. Hackers are always hunting from websites that have no security wall. If your website is not well-secured then hackers can easily make their way through it causing a threat to your website data. They can delete or corrupt your web data resulting in crashing your website. To avoid such thing from happening, you need to strengthen the security of your website so that no one can break-in & take it down. Security should be the priority of every website & should never be compromised no matter what otherwise, it will surely hurt your web traffic & business reputation.

Reason #2: Virus or Ransomware Attack

The next reason behind a website crash can be due to injection of virus or ransomware in the site either from bots or people. The web landscape is full of bots & people who try to embed malicious codes which result in crashing a website. To avoid it, make sure that your site is free of any vulnerabilities.

Reason #3: Error in Codes

Another possible reason behind a website crash can be due to error in codes. Error in codes can severely harm your site so you should always develop your site from a professional developer who has a deep technical knowledge. A single coding mistake can make slow down your speed & even crash it down. Always ensure that your website is free of any coding errors by checking it regularly.

Reason #4: Plugin issue

The next common reason behind a website crash is using incompatible plugins. Almost everyone uses plugin on their website to extend the functionality of their website. However, not all plugins are harmless so before installing any plugin onto your website, you need to ensure that it is compatible otherwise, it will not make your website function properly, and can even make it crash. Also, if you are thinking about customizing a plugin then make sure you have proper knowledge regarding it. To prevent plugins crashing your site, you need to make sure that all the plugins install are not causing any interruption in the working of your website.

Reason #5: Error in domain

Another potential reason behind your website crash could an error in the domain. A domain is the address of the website & any issue regarding it can result in shutting down your website. If you fail to renew your domain then your website will not be online anymore. If your website is not available online then you should check if it’s domain & hosting plan is still intact. To avoid this issue, you should consider integrating push notification for the domain updates. Always keep a check on the expiration date of your website domain.

Reason #6: Traffic surges

Another common reason website crashes is due to occasional traffic surges. Even mega websites also face this issue when their website get an unexpected huge volume of traffic. You need to strengthen your server so that it can easily take the load of an unexpectedly high volume of visitors. This issue majorly occurs when there is a sale running on that website which brings-in a huge flock of visitors. To prevent this, always allocate your resources properly to make your website handle a sudden rush of traffic.

So, these are the top reasons that result in crashing a website. To avoid website crashing, you need to check for these issues. Once you find out the issue then you can take potential measures to address it. Website crash can have a huge impact on your business but by detecting the issue on time, you can surely minimize its impact.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, Although no website is completely immune from crashes still you can avoid it from happening by monitoring your website regularly. Be aware of your website-related issues & address it as soon as possible before it crashes down your website.