Top 5 Free & Popular WordPress Theme

For successfully establishing a business, having an aesthetically pleasing & functional website is important. While using the WordPress platform for creating your website, you will find an array of different themes both free & paid to make your website stand out in the digital world. Choosing a perfect theme for your website can be quite overwhelming as there are plenty of attractive themes available that can change how your website looks entirely. While choosing a theme, you need to take the color scheme, style elements & functionalities into consideration as your website theme will directly reflect your brand. The whole design of your website should be fascinating enough to easily capture your visitors’ attention.

In order to garner maximum ROI, you need to create your website in a way that leaves a long-lasting impression on your visitors, and to do that you need to integrate a beautiful theme that can hold the visitors’ interest in your website. One should never neglect the importance of a theme in a website otherwise it will result in adversely affecting the user experience of the users. Also, it is highly crucial to ensure that the theme is easy to use & completely bug-free otherwise it can cause a range of difficulties while customizing it.

Gone are the days when companies used to integrate flash animation & fancy features on their website, now the contemporary websites are all simple & sophisticated depicting the minimal approach. In WordPress, you can easily find an array of free, professional & user-friendly website themes that are highly customization for accompanying each individual to meet every business’s needs.

Apart from being visually appealing, a website theme should be competent enough to run smoothly with plugins. Sometimes, a theme that looks extremely pretty from the outside has extremely poor coding & gives poor user experience so it is highly crucial to make sure that the theme is good enough for running your website.

Are you still confused about which theme to use? Well, don’t worry we’ve researched thoroughly & found some amazing themes that have wide popularity across the web.

In this article, we’ve rounded up the top 5 free & popular WordPress theme for your website:


The Sydney theme is a widely popular business theme created with the purpose of building strong social presence. With plethora of customization possibilities, this theme is one of the best options for creating an engaging front page. If you want to display big promotional images or want sticky navigation, you can easily create a professional interface. This theme comes with over 600 Google fonts and is translation ready so that you can easily customize your web page without incurring any issues. Sydney theme is completely responsive so you can easily view your site on mobile devices.


  • Highly flexible
  • Easily customizable
  • Parallax background
  • 600+ google fonts


The next popular theme on our list is Neve. This theme is highly flexible & can be used for both business & freelance purposes. With one-page layout, this theme is great for small businesses, startups or blogs. This theme is compatible with numerous page builders such as Gutenberg, Divi, Brizzy, etc. It also quite easy to customize colors, fonts & navigation. Neve is a fast, clean & easy to use theme that will help in making your business stand out from your competitors.


  • Performance-optimized result
  • Compatible with page builder plugins
  • Numerous layout options
  • Woocommerce compatibility


Zakra is a modern, flexible & responsive theme that can be used for both business & creative purposes. No matter whether you want a travel blog, business website or an ecommerce website, this theme can help you in creating an attractive website. There are plenty of layout & typography options so that you can easily create a strong online presence. This theme also supports a variety of page builders so you can easily create your website. Zakra is also optimized for SEO purposes so that you can improve your website’s ranking on the search engine.


  • Browser compatible
  • Translation ready
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Incredible support


Customify is an easy to use, fully customizable, responsive theme that is completely compatible with various page builders. No matter what kind of a website you want, you can create it hassle-free using this theme. It also has a drag & drop editor with which you can create great header & footer.


  • SEO optimized
  • Real-time visual editor
  • Inbuilt header & footer builder
  • Compatible with page-builders


Hestia is a modern & sophisticated theme which can be used for both business & art purpose. It is a one-page design with a smooth scrolling & artistic look. This premium looking theme is filled with numerous functionalities that make sure that your website looks completely professional. It is also woocommerce compatible so you can easily sell your products online.


  • User-friendly design
  • Customizable panels
  • Plenty of typography

So, these are the top 5 popular WordPress themes that are absolutely free. By incorporating one of these themes, you can make your website incredibly beautiful & functional. Also, make sure to add all the necessary elements in your website so that you can make a long-lasting impression on your customers.

Final Thoughts

Incorporate these beautiful themes on your website to make it look extremely sophisticated & professional. A visually attractive website can easily capture the interest of your visitors so always choose a theme that can make your website interesting.