Tips & Tricks to improve the security of your WordPress site

Being a free, simple & open-source content management system, WordPress is highly popular among people. WordPress provides basic security to protect your website from hackers, however, people can also dive deeply to harden the security of their site. It is site owner’s responsibility to increase the security of his website to prevent all sorts of attacks. Without enough security, your site can easily get hacked, and your business will probably suffer.

Here are a few tips & tricks to improve the security of your Word Press site

Make sure to update your themes & plugins regularly

To avoid any sort of vulnerabilities & bugs, you should always consider updating your current themes and plugins. Plugins can get breached so the site owner should ensure to update all the installed plugins once they are available in their latest versions.

Enable login limits

Adding login limits can help in keeping your website safe from intruders. By enabling login limits on your WordPress site, you can ensure that no one can access your website by applying multiple password combinations. There are many plugins available which you can install on your site to enable login limits.

Enable two-factor authentication

Another measure that one can take to improve the security of his website is by enabling two-factor authentication. On implementing 2FA, the user has to provide 2 login detail component in order to access the dashboard. Those two components have to be set by the admin like a password followed by a unique code etc. This is a great way to protect your website from getting hacked.

Pick a good hosting company

The site owner should pick a good hosting platform as the majority of attacks comes from the hosting platform. While looking for a hosting company, make sure that it offers malware detection and also has an effective firewall to keep your site protected.

Backup regularly

To keep your site secure, you should always consider making a backup of all the data present on your website. There are various plugin available to create a regular backup of your data so all you have to do is install the plugin on your site, and make sure to delete the old backup file after a new one is made.

Hide the WordPress version number

The next thing that you need to do is hide the WordPress version of your site as it can be a useful piece of information for the hackers. If you are running your site on an older version then it can easily get hacked so one must hide the version number present in the meta tag of source code.

So, these are a few WordPress security tips that one should consider taking to keep his website safe and secure. Consider taking all these measures to harden the security of your site as your website is the backbone of your online business.