Tips to improve your mobile-app ranking

Just developing a functional mobile app is not enough to achieve the business goal, you need to enhance the visibility of your app and make it stand out in the crowded app store or play store. No matter how big or small your business is, to get the attention of the potential customers, you must be able to get your app ranked high on the app/play store.

There are a plethora of apps available in the app store so to make your mobile app popular, you need to well-optimized it. High ranking mobile app can help in enhancing the growth of the business.  Good reviews on the app can also help in improving your mobile app ranking. With lots of patience and understanding of target audience, you can make your app stand out.

Here are a few tips to help you in improving your mobile app ranking:

Impressive app title & description

The app title should be unique and should convey the core function of the app. Both app title and description should leave a positive and lasting impression on the people so that users can instantly feel connected with it. Also, make sure that description should be of a concise length and should have relevant keywords in it. To increase the ranking of your app, you need to set the title & description very intelligently.

Reasonable app size

Most people avoid installing large size mobile apps as they take away a lot of storage space. It is recommended that the size of the app should be no more than 5MB as then your app will have higher chances of conversions. And, more conversions will eventually result in improving the mobile app ranking.

Get your app reviewed from experts

Expert review plays a crucial role in driving the attention of people as nowadays people tend to look for expert suggestion before making a purchase decision. To improve the visibility and ranking of your mobile app, all you have to do is invite an expert to write a review about your app and then share that review with your target audience.

Keep your app updated

People prefer using apps which offer them refreshing experience. To engage more traffic and to improve app ranking, you need to update your mobile app regularly, it will not only improve its performance but will also keep its security intact. Adding new features and functionality will help in improving your app’s ranking.

Appealing screenshots

The screenshots should be appealing and expressive enough to captivate the attention of the users as pictures are more impactful than words, and it will definitely awaken the interest of the app users. The images should reflect the essence of the app so that users download it right away without having any second thoughts. Increase in no. of downloads will eventually result in improving the app ranking.

Final thoughts:

In this world of mobile apps, boosting the app ranking is not an easy task, however, by implementing an effective strategy you can surely have more users. To rank higher in the mobile-app marketplace, keep your users engaged and keep on awakening the interest of new users.