Things to consider before using a WordPress plugin

In the WordPress ecosystem, plugins play a significant role in extending the functionality of the website. In the WordPress plugin directory, there are over 50,000 plugins available with which you can make your website perform better.

The WordPress community is tremendously big, and having access to countless plugins can make anyone overwhelmed. Plugins can surely make your site multi-functional but if the plugin you have chosen is not compatible then it can damage your website severely.

WordPress newbie must choose plugins very cautiously as even a single lousy plugin can spoil the entire website. No matter whether you use a free plugin or premium plugin, you need to look out for certain important things before incorporating any WordPress plugin.

Here we’ve rounded up a few important things that one must consider before using a WordPress plugin:

  • Always check the number of active installations

No matter how beneficial a plugin seems to you, it is highly recommended that you must always check the number of active installation before adding it onto your website. As WordPress is an open-source platform so the number of active installation helps in giving a fair idea whether the plugin is capable of doing its job properly. It also helps in measuring the credibility of the plugin. A number of active installations imply more trustworthy in the WordPress landscape.

  • Always check the reviews & rating prior to installing a plugin

The next important thing that you need to consider is the user reviews & average rating. These two things can help you know better about the workings of the plugin. The rule of thumb is to use a plugin which has 4-5 stars as then you don’t have to worry about its working. Using plugins having lower rating are quite risky as they start giving errors in your website.

  • Always check whether the plugin is fully compatible with your version of WordPress

Another crucial thing that one needs to check is whether or not the plugin is fully compatible with your version of WordPress. A well-compatible plugin will run smoothly after installing into your website whereas If you install an incompatible plugin then it can potentially crash your website. Before installing, one should always pay attention to its compatibility.

Also, make sure that the plugin you are going to install into your WordPress website is regularly updated by its developer as plugins that are not updated regularly can become a threat to your site’s security. Nobody would want a site that is weak in terms of security as then it becomes easy for the hackers to get their way into your website.

Final Thoughts

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform but one should be cautious while installing any plugin on their website as a badly-built plugin can expose their website to vulnerabilities. To safeguard your website, you need to do proper research prior to incorporating any WordPress plugin.