Things to consider before choosing a WordPress theme

WordPress directory has a plethora of free & premium themes with which you can create all kind of websites. When choosing the theme, one should pay extra attention to all aspect of the theme to avoid any blunder which can cost your website aesthetics.

With so many themes available, one can easily get overwhelmed & can jump into buying a theme which may look aesthetically appealing but doesn’t support enough functionalities. Before buying a WordPress theme, you need to set your priority first and then choose a theme that can accommodate all your requirements. The theme of your website should be flexible & have room for customization so that one can easily manage it.

Let’s discuss what are the important things one should consider before buying a WordPress theme:

Consider your Website’s needs

There are a variety of different themes available for a different kind of website like blog, e-commerce website, news/magazine website or business directories, etc. Different kind of websites requires different layout so one needs to choose it accordingly. You need to determine what kind of website you actually want and what purpose will it probably serve then you need to choose the theme accordingly.

Browser compatibility

The next thing that you need to consider before incorporating a theme on your website is that it should be compatible with different browsers. Sometimes, a theme can work perfectly in one browser but can conflict in any other browser. While choosing a theme, you need to ensure that the theme developer has tested it across different browsers.


The next essential thing that one needs to consider is its responsiveness. Responsive themes are mobile friendly and can adjust their layout across different devices. Nowadays, more than 80% of the web-searches are done through mobile devices so it becomes essential for website owners to use a responsive theme for their website.

Try the theme’s demo

The next thing that you need to consider is trying out the demo first. Before making the final decision, you need to try the selected theme’s demo. You need to check the demo version carefully to analyze its user-experience & check how interactive the design is.

Regular updates

The next thing that one needs to take care of is choosing those theme which comes with regular updates in the website landscape. Choosing a theme that doesn’t provide regular updates eventually result in increasing the thread. A website can easily get hacked if its themes and plugins are not updated regularly so always make sure that the theme is frequently updated by the developer.

Check tech-support

Free-themes do not come with guaranteed support as some developers do provide support whereas some don’t so if you are choosing a free theme then you need to check whether the developer has mentioned anything about support or not. And, with premium plugins, developers provide efficient tech-support but don’t forget to check all the documentation before purchasing it.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a suitable WordPress theme is of supreme importance as a good theme lays a solid foundation of your WordPress website. With the right WordPress theme, you can make your site functional and improve your site’s performance. So while switching to a new theme, don’t forget to consider all the crucial things mentioned in this article.