Things that could hurt your SEO

Bad SEO can have a severe impact on your search ranking. In this digital landscape, SEO plays a crucial role in boosting your ranking and overall traffic. Understanding inns & outs of SEO is of supreme importance to avoid doing anything that could hurt your website’s SEO.

Incorporating deceptive SEO tactics can harm your overall search ranking which might result in losing all your website traffic. Using SEO tactics that are against Google webmaster guidelines can lower down your SEO score.

To rank your website higher, you need to focus on those factors that can elevate your SEO game in the digital landscape.

Here’re the things that may hurt your website SEO:

Most people tend to use different SEO techniques which are not favorable to your site’s SEO. We’ve rounded up a list of all the things that are considered bad in the SEO world.

  • Changing the theme of the website way too many times

The most common mistake that people tend to commit is changing the theme of their site too often. Doing so can essentially lower down your ranking in Google SERPs. While switching themes over and over again, you need to change its setting each time which can severely impact your SEO. Also switching themes can also result in increasing database table size.

  • Stuffing irrelevant keywords

The next thing that can hurt your SEO is stuffing irrelevant keywords. Manipulating the search ranking using irrelevant keywords can end up damaging the user experience of your website. Stuffing totally out of context keywords can frustrate the users. You need to do your keyword research carefully and must refrain from stuffing irrelevant keywords in the website content.

  • Cloaking

The next thing that you need to avoid is cloaking as this tactic are counted under bad SEO practice. Cloaking implies manipulating Google bots by showing one version of the website to the crawlers & different version to the visitors. The website content should be similar for both search engine & visitors otherwise it can harm your SEO score.

  • Auto-generated content

The next thing which can harm your website’s SEO is auto-generated content. Auto-generated content refers to the content that is generated through an automated tool. Generally, content generated using such tool creates texts that don’t make any sense to the users.

  • Changing the URL again & again

One of the commonest SEO mistakes that people tend to do is that they keep on changing the URL of their website again & again which make them eligible for Google penalty. Changing the URL should be done before link building otherwise search engine will probably hit your site with a penalty.

Final Thoughts

Adopting negative SEO tactics will end up bringing down your website search ranking. Every website owner has some goals which one can achieve by using proper SEO tactics. Make sure to avoid all the practices that could hurt your website’s SEO score and make your website stand out in the search engine.