Things One Can Do With Google Search Console

Google search console is a free tool offered by Google which can help you in understanding how Google analyzes your website. Once the website is set up successful, one of the first thing that people should consider doing is creating a google search console account for their website.

Google search console helps in improving overall site performance as by doing an intensive study of your website’s performance with this tool. You can easily discover issues of your website from Google’s point of view and then by creating an effective strategy, you can fix those issues. It offers you all the important information related to your website like the suitable keywords for your website, crawl errors, organic search presence, etc.

We’ve rounded up a list of all the features which Google search console offers:

Search Appearance

In Google search console, you will find a search appearance section where you can see how your website actually appears in the search engine. There is a variety of framework available with which you can make your website stand out in the search engine.

Keyword research

The next thing that one can do using Google search console is keyword research. By using Google search console, you can find the sets of keywords with which you can rank your website. You can also check the performance of all the keywords that your site ranks for.


In Google search console, you can set up site links to help users easily navigate your website. It is a great way to create shortcuts for the other pages. If you want to remove the displayed site link then you can enter the URL in the demote site link section.

Search traffic

The next feature that Google search console offer is search traffic. With Google search console, you can check where your visitors come from then you can make your strategies accordingly. You can also use search analyses to get an insight into popular queries then you can improve the overall performance of your website.

Google index

In the Google search console, you’ll find a section where you can check the index status of all your webpages. You will get a complete report of all the pages that Googlebot has access to. You can also get a content keyword report of your website from this section.

Final Thoughts

The changing landscape of the website can easily be monitored by using Google search console. With all its effective features, one can optimize their performance & boost its ranking on the search engine.