The best tools to monitor your competitors on the web

While running an online business, one needs to incorporate effective strategies and ideas to stay ahead of the competitors. By having knowledge of what your competitors are up to, you can gain a fresh perspective & unveil new opportunities. By monitoring your competitors, you can know about their strengths & weakness then create a strategy which will help you to single-handedly dominate the market.

Businesses cannot operate in a vacuum and every business owner needs to keep a close watch on their competitors. Various tools are also available with which you can monitor your competitors’ working. Some people consider it as spying but one should view it in a positive light instead of seeing it as bad practice. Healthy competition is good for business growth and it can help you to stand out in the digital landscape.

Here’re a few effective tools with which you can monitor your competitors on the web:

Google Alert

Google alert is one of the best tools to keep track of your competitors as it is easy to use and absolutely free and has the widest reach. Setting it up is quite easy and only take a few minutes. All you have to do is create your Google alert account by using your google account then all the necessary information like keywords, competitors name, etc. Then you will get notified every time your competitor is mentioned online. It is a great tool with which you can stay updated regarding your competitors’ sales, promotion and much more.

Social Mention

Every online business makes use of social media to boost up their sales and marketing. It also helps in creating a unique network with the target audience. By tracking the competitors’ social media handles, you can a lot about their social media strategies. Social Mention is a great tool which allows you to monitor your competitor’s social media campaign. It is a super easy platform to know what is actually happening across social networks.


Another amazing tool which helps in keeping an eye on the competitors is Ahrefs. In this tool, you can check the keywords on which your competitors are ranking. You can also keep track of their backlinks, organic traffic, etc. With all the information, you can fairly get an idea of their content strategy.


Next in our list is, SEMRush, It is a great tool with which you can simply analyze your competitor’s data. All you have to do is just simply type the name of your competitor on their home page search bar then they will provide the full data related to that company’s organic traffic, keywords, etc.

Final Thoughts

To take your business to the zenith of success, you should do a competitive analysis. Monitoring the competitors working can help you build a better strategy than what they have created. All the tools mentioned in the article can effortlessly help you in analyzing the competitors’ data & help in improving your business standing in WebSphere.