The Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2020

When it comes to digital marketing, every marketer employs a set of tools that helps their business to grow by facilitating more engagements & sales. With proper strategy & right marketing tools, you can easily make your business stand out in the crowd. Some tools are foundational which is commonly used by every marketer whereas there are some more specialized tools that can help in better shaping your marketing strategy.

Gone are the days when businesses used to rely on traditional marketing methods to boost conversion rates & generate better revenues. By using digital marketing tools, you can easily manage your marketing efforts. Modern marketers make use of different tools with which they achieve their goals & grow their business.

In the world of businesses, it is highly crucial to use a couple of valuable digital marketing tools to gain a competitive edge over competitors. With proper tools at disposal, you can easily carry out your digital marketing campaign. By making the right use of digital marketing tools, you can easily boost your brand’s marketing by providing it ample exposure.

Also, it is very crucial to employ those marketing tools which are in accordance with the latest digital marketing trends. Digital marketing tools are highly efficient and they can save up your time & efforts.

We’ve rounded up a list of some of the best digital marketing tool that you must use in 2020:


One of the most important tools that every marketer should start using in 2020 is Ahrefs. Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool that will provide you an insight into the working of your website & also your competitor’s website. Using this tool, the contemporary digital marketers analyze their & the competitors’ data to identify the weaknesses of their competitors. In Ahref, you can easily check what are your competitors’ top pages & from where they are getting their links. Filled with so-many essential features, this marketing tool is truly a must-have for every digital marketer.

Google Keyword Planner

The next tool in our list is the Google keyword planner. Using this tool, you can search for a wide range of suitable keywords that may help your site to rank well. Researching keywords is a very crucial part of digital marketing campaigns so using a good keyword research tool can help in making your campaign a huge success. If you want to find out some great topics to cover on your website then also you can use this amazing tool. You can also spy on your competitor’s keyword using this amazing tool.

Google Analytics

The next must-have tool for any marketer is Google analytics. This powerful tool is powered by Google and is considered as one of the most popular digital marketing tools. Using this tool, you can find out what kind of the first impression you make on your customers then you can modify your strategies accordingly. From the geographical location of your visitors, search engine ranking to insight into your competitor’s traffic, you can collect all the information using the Google analytics tool.


The next essential digital marketing that every marketer should consider using in 2020 is Kissmetrics. Kissmetric is a great web analytics tool that provides an insight into the behavior of the customers. This web analytics tool will help you in tracking the process of conversion. By having a deep understanding of your customers, you can tweak your digital marketing strategies.


MailChimp is a great email marketing tool with which you can create successful email marketing campaigns. If you undertake email marketing then you must use this tool as here you can find an array of customizable templates that will make your email marketing campaign successful.


The next digital marketing that you should be using in 2020 is BuzzSumo. Using this tool, you can easily look up trending topics then you can choose to create your own content on those trending topics aiming at your desired audience. Using this effective tool, you can easily boost your engagement & create better content. With this tool, you can create a better marketing strategy & take your content to the next level.

Google Adword

The next tool which you should be using in 2020 is Google Adword. This tool runs on a pay-per-click model so if you want to run ads for your digital marketing campaign then you use this Google Adword tool. You can set your budget then this tool will fetch you the suitable prospects.

Social pilot

The next tool that every marketer should consider using is the social pilot. This comprehensive social media marketing tool is great for professionals. Using this amazing tool, you can easily schedule your post & can also create dynamic content which will eventually help in boosting your site’s popularity.

So, these are some of the best digital marketing tools that every marketer should be using in 2020 to make their digital marketing campaign successful.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up, we can say that by using effective digital marketing tools, you can definitely keep all your digital marketing problems at bay.