Social Media Marketing vs. Email Marketing

Both social media and email are considered great marketing tools, however, both are on the opposing end of the marketing spectrum which makes it difficult for the marketers to decide which method should they use for growing their business. If you have enough funds & resources then using both the marketing tactics together can take your business to the next level but with limited funds at disposal, you can only use either of them. It is a big dilemma for every marketer to figure out where they should invest their resources.

Although the popularity of social media marketing is growing rapidly these days, however, email marketing is still an important element of any successful marketing strategy. Some business reaps the most successful results using social media marketing and some get it by incorporating email marketing so to you need to invest in that approach which works best for your business growth.

We all know that email marketing was in the picture since the dawn of digital marketing and it is very much alive till today but you need to figure out whether it can provide your desired results or not. Social media marketing, on the other hand, is highly popular and most marketers aggressively use it but not everyone is getting desired results so in order to decide which one to choose, you need to analyze both the marketing approach closely.

In this article, we’ll be discussing which marketing approach can take your business to new heights:

Social media marketing

In this digital age, social media is definitely one of the most powerful tools with which you can easily boost credibility & drive better sales. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. offers you a chance to connect with a wider audience. Through social media, you can engage with your customers directly & you can also take their suggestions & feedback using this marketing channel.

Let’s look at the pros & cons of social media marketing so that you can know about all the major aspects of this marketing channel:


1) Global content sharing

One of the major benefits of using social media marketing is that it helps in global content sharing. Using any social media platform, you can reach out to a wider audience on a global level. With social media marketing, you can boost your brand’s visibility.

2) Improve high authority

Marketing through social media is a great way to boost your brand authority. It offers you an effective opportunity where you can position yourself as a high-authoritative business. By sharing valuable content, you can make your audience see that you are an expert in your industry.

3) Better communication with the target audience

Using a social media marketing channel, you can communicate better with the target audience. You can share fun content with your target audience & easily engage with them. By interacting with your audience, you can gain new insights about them.


1) Time-consuming

One of the most common disadvantages of using social media marketing is that it is really time-consuming as it requires a lot of effort to carry out all the strategies. You need to invest a lot of time in creating engaging content to keep your target audience engaged & interested.

2) Expensive

Another disadvantage of using social media marketing is that it is quite expensive. To run a successful social media marketing, you need to invest a lot of money on it. Not many businesses have a huge sum of funds for successful social media marketing.

3) Risk of negative publicity

The next disadvantage of using social media marketing is that there is a lot of risk of negative publicity. Social media is a powerful tool that can also negatively impact a business. There can be a lot of people on the internet who wants to see your business fail so in order to do so they can attack your profile with bad comments that may result in negative publicity of your business.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a practice of sending out emails to your target audience. This marketing method has been used heavily in many industries. Some marketers think that this marketing tactic is almost dead but it is not so. Email marketing is still very effective as it was earlier so you can consider engaging with your audience using this marketing channel.


1) Affordable

Unlike social media marketing, email marketing is quite affordable so if you don’t have many funds then this marketing tactic will surely be the best option for you.

2) Easily trackable

The next benefit of using email marketing is that you can easily track whether your marketing efforts are working or not. There are plenty of tools available to check how many people have opened the emails & how many didn’t.

3)  Less competition

The next advantage of incorporating email marketing is that you will find less competition in it. If you don’t want a competitive space then you should consider doing email marketing. By doing email marketing, you don’t have to fight for your target audience’s attention.


1) Spam

One of the major disadvantages of using email marketing is spam. Many servers have a spam filter to lessen the spam so if your email lands up in the spam filter then all your marketing efforts will go down the drain.

2) Limited creativity

The next disadvantage of using email marketing is that it restricts the creativeness of the ad. With social media marketing, you can use a number of creative ways to connect better with your audience but in email marketing, you don’t get that much creative freedom.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the pros & cons of both social media & email marketing. Make sure to consider these factors to figure what marketing channel will suit best for your business. If you want to connect better with your target audience & want next-level results then you can combine using both the marketing channels.