Should You Use Clickbait Content: Pros & Cons

In this digital world, almost every user has across a clickbait content whether in the form of vague titles or attractive thumbnails that instantly catches the attention of the people and encourage them to click on it. Clickbait content is created with an exclusive motive to attract traffic towards a webpage that’s why many marketers use this mechanism to lure the visitors. Any content that exploits the curiosity gap of the readers using vague headlines is considered as clickbait content.

The world clickbait is often associated with a bad reputation but if that is so then why the content creators engage in such activity? Well, because when done right, clickbait can actually work. Clickbait content can bring higher page view and also has higher social share potential. People consider clickbait as a dubious concept because it can often mislead people & can also become a recipe for disaster, if not done in the right way. This technique is majorly used by small businesses who are trying to generate higher web traffic. Just like any other marketing tactic, clickbait has its own sets of pros & cons, which everyone should be aware of. Many big companies such as Buzzfeed, Elite Daily, etc. also make use of clickbait mechanism in their article headlines to make it more interesting. The major reason their clickbait headlines actually works because they don’t try to trick people instead they blend mystery, shock & humor in their headlines to encourage more click-through-rates. Even in creating clickbait content, you need to ensure that you are not over-promising otherwise all your efforts will backfire.

Now, that we have a brief idea of what clickbait content implies, let’s look at some of the characteristics associated with a clickbait content:

  • Eye-catching headings
  • Skimmable content
  • Encourages social sharing
  • Evokes specific emotion

So, these are the major hallmark of clickbait content. Using clickbait headlines for promoting thin content is definitely a big no because it will end up frustrating your readers and you won’t be able to create a long-term by forging readers. Also, Google can also penalize you for sharing thin content on the digital landscape so, before using a clickbait mechanism, make sure your content is worth the readers time.

Still wondering whether should you use clickbait? Well, don’t worry!

In this article, we’ve rounded up some pros & cons associated with clickbait content:


It can get you higher pageviews

One of the major reason people engage in creating clickbait content is that it helps in generating higher page views. In this highly competitive digital landscape, it is highly difficult to engage the audience and make them click on your content so by using creative clickbait headlines, you can easily make the traffic flow into your webpage. Clickbait content can make the readers hooked which will encourage them to share it further resulting in higher page views. Also, most of the viral content with immense views that the ones that have clickbait headlines so, if your sole purpose is to gain higher views then click-baiting can work for you.

It helps in building a backlink profile

The next benefit associated with clickbait content is that it can actually help you in building a backlink profile. Generally, the clickbait content is shared through social media platforms so by it naturally builds a good social media backlink structure which can help you rank better on the search engine. We all know Google evaluates the backlink structure of a website to rank them so by having high visibility on the social media platforms, you can easily make your backlink profile much stronger. Social signals are a major aspect of SEO so, by making your social signal strong, you can easily rank higher on the SERPs.

Leverage brand awareness

The next benefit associated with clickbait content is that it can help you in leveraging your brand awareness. Higher engagement on social media is a great stimulant for brand awareness. Clickbait content tends to have higher engagements which imply that more and more people can know about your brand. By stirring the emotions of the people, you can make them remember your brand so you can definitely leverage brand awareness using clickbait mechanism.

So, these are some of the benefits that are associated with clickbait content. However, before you dive into practising it, it is highly crucial to understand all the negative aspects of click-baiting.


Lack of a loyal audience                

One os the major disadvantage associated with clickbait content is that you cannot expect to have a loyal audience by using this mechanism. Clickbait content can surely bring you views but you won’t be able to make your audience return for consuming more content in the future. The joy that clickbait content brings doesn’t last long so you won’t be able to make your audience engaged.

Brings the wrong type of traffic

The next disadvantage associated with the clickbait content is that it can result in bringing the wrong type of traffic on the webpage. Attracting irrelevant traffic is useless because you won’t be able to convert it. Clickbait content attracts people who visit your webpage just for entertaining themselves and they are less likely to show any interest in your products/services.

Risk of Google penalties

The next disadvantage associated with clickbait content is the risk of Google penalties. Google loves those websites that share high-quality content with its audience that’s why it keeps on bringing different updates to make the digital landscape free of thin content. Sharing irrelevant content using clickbait mechanism can result in running you into the risk of Google penalties.

So, these are the disadvantages associated with clickbait content. You need to avoid these pitfalls otherwise you will end up losing all your web performance in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, clickbait mechanism is only useful under right circumstances so before incorporating this tactic, make sure that your content is of high-quality so that it can worth the time of the readers.