SEO vs PPC: Which one is better for your website?

Most website owners tend to wonder whether they should invest in PPC (Pay-Per-Click) or in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as both of them is a great way to boost the traffic of your website. Both PPC and SEO are a part of Search engine marketing. One of the major differences between them is that SEO generates organic results whereas PPC ads do not generate organic results.

If the business owner wants to boost his website traffic within a short period of time then PPC ads might be right for him but if you want to attain a prominent position in the search engine using natural results then you must do it through SEO.

Let’s consider various parameters to examine which search engine marketing which can offer more value to your business website:


If you manage to do proper organic SEO of your website then you can easily attract more traffic to your website without having to pay for the continuous traffic whereas in PPC, if your website is receiving continuous traffic then you have to pay for each click. SEO may seem like an effort taking task but it can surely generate rewarding results.


Generally, the sites that appear in the organic result section have greater credibility as most people avoid clicking on ads when they are looking for any service. If your website is showing up in the organic results through SEO then you can easily attain the trust and credibility of your target audience.


In PPC, there is a lack of sustainability as you will lose all your traffic once you stop paying, however, in SEO the traffic is organic and free so it is sustainable for your business.


Unlike SEO, PPC campaigns are more costly as you have to set your budget high to quickly leverage your visibility in the search engine. SEO is very cost-effective as you don’t have to pay for the continuous traffic your website is attracting.

Return on investment

SEO takes time whereas PPC is instantaneous so if you want instant results then you can rely on running PPC campaigns. SEO involves effective keyword research, page optimization and many other factors which can’t process overnight. Incorporating SEO strategies can surely maximize your ROI but you just need to have some patience.

To conclude this we can say that

Building a strong presence on the search engine is essential for the growth of your business. Both PPC and SEO are a part of Search engine marketing and you need to consider your business needs and budget to analyze which one could work wonder for you. If you want to see long-lasting results then you should always consider SEO over PPC as PPC campaigns do not offer long-term value to your website.