SEO? How about growth hacking

In the world of digital marketing, one can seamlessly take his business to new heights of success by undertaking effective growth hacking strategies. Gone those days when just doing SEO can get you enough traffic & revenue as now to engage relevant traffic & to earn more revenue, you need to look beyond SEO. SEO (Search engine optimization) is just a marketing practice whereas Growth Hacking is a term denoted to the various strategies which are tailored solely focusing upon the growth of the business. With so much competition, regardless of industry, one needs to use every possible technological means to attract the right audience to their site. Integrating growth hacking strategies can result in boosting site’s traffic & more sales.

Growth hacking ensures massive growth in a short span of time while spending as little as possible. Growth hackers or growth marketers focus all their attention and hard work in analyzing and measuring the growth of the business. All smart business organizations spend their money on the strategies which are focused towards their goal of cementing their footprints in the market. They are very well aware of the fact that SEO is more time consuming whereas growth hacking can work wonders for their business in a short period of time so they always practice growth hacking strategies to accomplish their goal of attaining success.

Nowadays, Growth hacking has become mainstream in the startup world where everyone strives to establish a long-term relationship with the right audience. With web analytics and quantitative skills, growth hackers are programmed to perform better where others are lacking behind. Growth hackers are full of innovative ideas and they combine those creative insights with their market research to make their growth hacking successful.

Growth hacking strategies mainly cover 3 main areas such as Advertising, product marketing & content marketing

  • Advertising: Growth hackers make use of PPC & social advertising tactics to provide more visibility to the business.
  • Product Marketing: In this, growth hackers ensures that the product offered is appealing enough to attract more visitors. They also incorporate various marketing tactics such as offering incentives to new users etc.
  • Content Marketing: Growth hackers can provide more exposure to the business by using effective content marketing activities such as guest posting, influencer marketing, running contests etc.

Successful growth hacking campaigns can make your website known to everyone so one needs to look beyond SEO to leverage their business. SEO is done to rank certain keywords in the search engine whereas growth hacking involves SEO and much more effective practices which can guarantee your success.