SEO for Mobile-apps: How does it work?

SEO for Mobile-apps

So you have successfully created your mobile app and now planning to put it up on the app store or play store, but wait, have you thought about optimizing your app? Just like any website, apps also need proper optimization to stand out in the highly competing digital landscape.

There are over 3.8 million Android apps & over 2 million iOS apps so to make your app rank higher on the search engine, you need to incorporate a robust SEO strategy that can help in promoting your app to your target audience.

To boost your app downloads, you need to work on its optimization so that it can organically get discovered by your target audience. Thousands of apps get added daily in the app store which means that you can easily get buried in the avalanche of similar apps if you don’t optimize it properly.

So, what you need to do to make your target audience discover your app? Well, the answer is quite simple: SEO (Search engine optimization).

Search engine optimization is the only way to influence your app’s search ranking on the Play Store or app store. Simply creating an app will not work so, you need to optimize it keeping all the SEO trends in mind so that the search engine algorithm can position your app at a high ranking.

To boost your app download, you need to incorporate effective SEO practices to get your app noticed in the crowded digital landscape.

So, now that you’ve made up your mind to optimize your mobile app, you must be wondering how to get started? Well, don’t worry! We will guide you through the optimization process.

Here is the SEO strategy that you need to incorporate to optimize your mobile apps:

#1. Choose the right keywords

To make your target audience aware of your app, you need to choose the right set of keywords that are relevant to your app. Just like any website, apps also need proper keyword research so that you can determine to target which keyword can bring your more organic traffic & downloads.  You can find the right keywords using keyword tools such as Google keyword planner so that you can understand what terminologies can bring you relevant traffic.

#2. Use a smart app title

When it comes to optimizing your mobile app, make sure to use a smart title so that it can leave a good impression on online users. Make sure to use easy-to-remember terminology & keep it relevant to the product or service that you are offering. Make sure to keep the site short & memorable. Don’t forget to add some keywords to it so that it can rank well on the SERPs.

#3. Write great app description

The next thing that you need to optimize is your app description. Generally, users read the description before hitting the download button so you need to write the description in a way that it can persuade them to download it. Make sure to write all the features of your app so that people can have all the necessary information about your app.

#4. Good reviews & rating

When it comes to boosting your app’s search engine ranking, having good reviews & ratings on your app profile is important to elevate its social proof. It also encourages more people to download the app. You can also connect better with your customers by providing them a place to share their feedbacks.

#5. Analyze your competitors

The next thing that you should consider doing is analyzing your competitors so that you can understand what practice they have undertaken. By monitoring your competitors, you can easily strategize everything & outperform them.

#6. Build some backlinks

The next thing that you need to do is to build some backlinks so that you can increase your search ranking. Just like websites, mobile apps can also rank higher with some backlinks so, you need to build those backlinks quickly so that you can boost the traffic of your app’s landing page.

So, these are a few SEO strategies that you need to implement to make your mobile app rank higher on the search engine. Also, rather than just talking about features, make sure to talk about the problems that your app is solving so that you can drive more traffic to your app easily.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that to make your mobile app rank higher on the search engine, you need to incorporate the SEO best practices to get more traffic & downloads.