Search Engine Optimization Trends for 2019

Keeping up with upcoming SEO trends is a great way to up your SEO game in 2019. In this rapid-changing SEO environment, bringing your website into the limelight is quite a daunting task, however, by tracking all the upcoming SEO trends, you can easily shine out in the digital landscape.

To stay ahead of competitors, you need to dominate SERPs (Search Engine Result Page) which is only possible by optimizing your website according to current SEO trends.

Establishing a prominent position on search engine result page can help you in achieving all your business goals. Keeping up with SEO trends will help in increasing your ranking on the search engine.

Let’s consider a few SEO trends that you need to follow in 2019:

Search intent optimization

Stuffing popular keywords is no longer an efficient way to yield helpful results. Gone those days when people used to stuff popular keywords in their content to get a higher number of clicks. In 2019, you need to optimize your content by understanding the intent of web searchers. Your content must satisfy the query of the searcher as then it will indicate the search engine that your content is valuable, and your website will be ranked higher. While search intent optimization, you need to consider factors like dwell time & organic CTR to make your site SEO-friendly.

Mobile-first indexing

Nowadays, most people surf the internet using their mobile phones so the website owners need to optimize their site to make it mobile-friendly. With mobile-first indexing, it becomes easier to avoid the slow-loading version of the content. Due to screen limitation in mobile devices, it becomes necessary that your desktop version is not the same as the mobile version. In 2019, every website owner needs to follow mobile-first indexing principle so that people can easily access your website using their mobile devices.


In 2019, you can expect more and more people doing searches using voice-search. Existing voice-enabled technology such as Alexa, Siri, Google home is becoming much popular among contemporary people. This year you need to optimize your website for voice search so that people using voice-enabled devices can reach out to you. The focus keywords of your website should be long-tailed (containing 7-9 words) as people tend to use do searches in conversation. Get ready with an effective voice-search strategy to gain more prominence in the digital landscape.

Focus on the technical SEO

In this year, you can see a major emphasis on technical SEO. With technical SEO, you can attain a prominent position in the digital ecosystem. By investing in technical SEO, you can optimize your website speed and improve other factors which will help you in shaping your website according to the website algorithms.

Final thoughts

Keeping up with the SEO trend is very important as it will help you in dominating the SEO landscape. You need to go in-depth with the upcoming SEO trends to make your site excel in the world of search engine optimization.