Reasons why you shouldn’t be self-hosting videos

In this highly competitive digital economy, many businesses choose to display video content on their website as it appeals to multiple senses. Video format content plays a crucial role in capturing the interest of the visitors in the website, and it also helps in enhancing the website experience, However, self-hosting videos on the website is not a good idea.

Self-hosting videos imply directly uploading the video onto the website. Hosting the videos independently is not a wise decision as there are many pitfalls in it.

Let’s discuss all the major reasons why one should avoid self-hosting videos

Video Compatibility

While self-hosting videos on the website, you need to ensure that it is compatible with different browsers. Video sharing platforms like You-tube tends to convert the video into a format that is compatible with various browsers. Converting videos into various formats to make it compatible with different browsers is very effort taking and time-consuming.

Video Player Conflict

The video player is software used to play videos. It is essential to choose a correct video player in order to ensure that the video plays uninterrupted. If you don’t use an appropriate video player then your video will not play smoothly.


When you self-host videos on your website then it becomes your responsibility to protect your content from getting illegally distributed. Protecting the video content is an effort taking work. You can avoid this issue of piracy by sharing it using a video hosting platform.

Storage Issue

While Self-hosting videos on the website, you have to encounter restrictions on the size of the file. Many web-hosting providers impose restrictions on the file size, and if you upload any heavy file then you would be violating the agreement.

Limited Visibility/Traffic

Another drawback of self-hosting videos is that it doesn’t generate enough traffic. Sharing videos on the website using a video platform can bring more traffic as such video platforms are very popular among users.

Slow Loading Speed

Due to lack of proper storage space and limited bandwidth, the website can take more time in loading. Self-hosted videos take up the storage space which can result in slowing down the website speed.

So, these are a few reasons why one should avoid self-hosting videos. Hosting videos using a third-party platform is a better option as it doesn’t involve any of these above-stated issues.