Proven Ways to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

If you are running an e-commerce website then you would probably know how challenging is shopping cart abandonment. In this digital world, developing & running a website requires a lot of time, money & resources, and one of the most challenging things is reducing cart abandonment. The cart abandonment is higher in online shopping as compared to offline shopping as you would rarely see people abandoning shopping carts full of their purchases suddenly then walk out of the store.

While shopping online, people tend to get distracted easily which results in cart abandonment, however, some people leave their cart intentionally. In the world of e-commerce, most online stores face this issue which is why to be able to earn higher revenues, it is essential to take potential steps to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

If you let your customer leave the shopping cart in between then you will lose out on all the potential sales. It has been found out that around 77% of people tend to abandon their shopping cart before placing the order. Even leading e-commerce websites also face this issue which also results in impacting the website bounce rate.

After all the hard work you have put in your site, it is highly frustrating for you to see your potential customers leave your site without processing checkout. It is a big obstacle in every e-commerce website which needs to be fixed otherwise all your efforts will not reap the results. To reduce the shopping cart abandonment, you need to develop your strategies effectively. By changing some things here and there, you can easily overcome the problem of cart abandonment.

To be able to reduce the shopping cart abandonment, we need to understand the possible reasons behind cart abandonment.

  • Unexpected extra cost
  • Security concerns
  • Complicated navigation
  • Comparatively high prices

So, in order to reduce shopping cart abandonment, we need to work on these issues so that the customers don’t click back from your site.

We’ve rounded up a few proven ways to reduce your online store’s shopping cart abandonment:

Eliminate the unexpected extra cost

To reduce shopping cart abandonment, you need to eliminate all the unexpected extra costs. Most websites take shipping charges and that’s completely fine but what you need to avoid is adding other taxes and extra cost which can make your customer take a back step from your site. Also, you should also make the shipping charge clear on the product page so that people can be aware of it before heading to their cart.

Enable guest checkout

Another effective way of reducing cart abandonment is by enabling guest checkout. Most people don’t like to create an account to process the checkout that’s why they end up abandoning their cart. It not only affects your sale but bounce rate also. Enabling guest checkout is a smart way of tackling with the cart abandonment issue. People actually like to shop from the sites where they find no barriers to checkout as guests. In this fast-paced digital world, every customer likes a speedy checkout process so it is essential to consider enabling guest checkout.

Keep the cart visible at the header

Some people tend to add several items in the cart to come back later for purchasing it. So, it is highly crucial to keep the cart visible at the header all the time so that people can easily complete their purchases in the future. Some people forget to display the cart icon at the top due to which people couldn’t proceed to checkout.

Send cart abandonment emails

Another easy way to reduce shopping cart abandonment is by sending autoresponder emails to those customers who haven’t shop the items of their cart. By sending follow up emails, you can easily bring back your potential customers. Also, make sure to make all the items left in the cart visible in the email with a call-to-action button so that they can easily complete the checkout process.

Offer multiple payment options

Another common reason for shopping cart abandonment is that your eCommerce store doesn’t offer multiple payment options. Some people prefer using a credit card to make payments whereas some people go for other payment solutions such as stripe & PayPal. Giving people an endless payment option can help you in reducing the shopping cart abandonment rate.

Use Social proof

Another easy way of reducing your shopping cart abandonment is by making your online presence strong enough so that people can place their trust in you. By having strong social proof, you can help your customers in making buying decisions. By having strong social proof, you can easily reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Offer coupon codes

Offering coupon codes can also make your customers want to do shopping from your site. Coupon codes look quite fascinating to people and they end up leaving your site after making their purchases. It also helps in boosting your sales & keeping you ahead of your competitors. Many big brands tend to use this strategy to improve their overall business performance.

Provide reliable customer services

Although you can’t completely avoid shopping cart you can surely improve it to some extent. Offering good customer service can also help you in reducing shopping cart abandonment. Customers prefer to make purchases from those online stores which provide good customer assistance. By having clear communication channels, you can retain your customers and resolve the issue of shopping cart abandonment.

Final Thoughts

The world of e-commerce is full of obstacles and to be able to make your online store successful, you need to work on effective strategies. Don’t forget to follow all these important tactics to reduce your website’s shopping cart abandonment.