Pros & Cons of WordPress Gutenberg Editor

Gutenberg is the new page and post editor of WordPress, named after, Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press. Recently, WordPress has updated its default editor to enhance the writing experience of its users. With Gutenberg editor, one doesn’t necessarily need to have the technical knowledge of CSS & HTML to make highly advanced layouts. Initially, Gutenberg editor was made available as a plugin, and now it has got integrated into WordPress.

The major goal of Gutenberg developers is to make a simple platform to use. They decided to bring changes in the content editing experience of the users by developing a highly customizable builder.

Let’s find out to what extent WordPress Gutenberg editor has succeeded in enriching experience of the WordPress users:


Different Blocks Types

Guttenberg has built many different content blocks with which one can easily create and visualize the page. With different block types, you can add a lot of different content to the posts and pages. Also, if you have created an amazing layout using the blocks and you want to use the same layout in future articles then you can easily save in the reusable block.

Searchable blocks

Gutenberg editor has a built-in block search from where you can easily search the block that you want to add in your post. The blocks that are frequently used by the user is displayed at the top section of the search box.


Gutenberg is a mobile-friendly editor so, the users can easily edit their post and pages on their devices. The same functionality that gets on the desktop is also available in mobile devices.

More screen-space

Gutenberg editor is more content focused editor as it comes with a full-screen template to keep all distractions away.

Developer friendly

Gutenberg WordPress editor is developer friendly as now plugins developers can build their blocks without relying on shortcodes.

Medium style editing experience

Guttenberg offers medium style editing experience. Using this editor, the users can easily build content so the users who enjoy using medium editor will surely enjoy this editor as well.


Confusing for beginner-level users

The major issue with WordPress Gutenberg editor is that users may face slight difficulty while adapting to the changes. It is quite complicated for beginners so some users may face difficulty while using this editor.


Another major issue in Gutenberg is a compatibility issue. Gutenberg can cause conflict with existing themes and plugins. The developers have used every possible thing to make the transition smooth, however, problems can always happen.

No responsive column

Gutenberg editor may offer the users to create the responsive design but it doesn’t support responsive columns yet.

Old keyboard shortcuts do not work

Some of the keyboard shortcuts that were applicable in the TinyMCE editor do not work in Gutenberg editor, however, Gutenberg has added a new set of keyboard shortcuts for users.

To sum this up we can say that,

WordPress community has mixed feelings for Gutenberg editor as its features are quite impressive but more functionality is required in this block editor. Block-based approach to content has brought a real change in the WordPress landscape.