Pros & Cons of Infinite Scrolling Web Design

Infinite scrolling has become much popular in the website landscape. With this technique, you can display your website’s content indefinitely. Infinite scrolling trend may seem interesting to every website owner but the reality is that it isn’t one-size fit for all kind of websites.

Infinite scrolling technique goes well with one-page websites. This strategic framework is great for some content type. Before thinking of using this trend, you need to consider whether it is suitable for your website’s content type or not. Sometimes, this infinite scrolling can end up frustrating your visitors so you need to make sure that the user experience of the website is not compromised.

Like any other thing, infinite scrolling too has its own strengths & weaknesses, Let’s look at what they are:


Easy Browsing

With infinite scrolling technique, one can easily browse your website’s content. They don’t have to look for the content on the next page as everything can be found on the same page by scrolling down. Users can easily find all the content without reloading pages every time.

Keep readers engaged

Do you frequently update your website’s content? If yes, then incorporating infinite scrolling can be beneficial for you. With this technique, you can keep your readers engaged as the content will continue to appear retaining them on the website for a longer period of time.

Perfect for touch devices

Infinite scrolling works best for mobile devices as clicking small links to load a new page can be quite frustrating. With this design technique, you can enhance the user experience of the people. For a small platform, it is always a good idea to incorporate this technique so that people can browse in an efficient way.

Enhance  content exposure

With infinite scrolling, you can enhance the content exposure as there are higher chances of more user interaction as compared to the content pagination. In content pagination, one has to click on the next page button to know the content of the next page but in infinity scrolling, one can easily come across your website content.


No Footer

The first problem that arises using this technique is that there will be no footer on the website. Over the years, we all have become used to see a footer at the end of the website so when only content continues to pop up then it can add a little frustration. Infinite scrolling can be a disaster for e-commerce websites.

Maximize loading time

Infinite loading technique can maximize the loading time of the website. When the design is not compatible enough then it can result in increased loading time. This happens when the website has too many images and that too is unoptimized.

Increased bounce rate

Another major issue with infinite scrolling is that it can result in an increased bounce rate. Some people find endless scrolling quite frustrating as it is overwhelming to see the never-ending flow of content so they can exit from the site in such a situation.

Final Thoughts

To wrap this up, we can say that just like a coin, infinite scrolling technique also has 2 sides. You have to do is analyze your website thoroughly to determine whether it is beneficial to you or not. It is a big decision so consider all the pros & cons prior to taking the final decision.