Possible reasons why visitors leave your website

With growing competition on the internet, keeping visitors on your website for a longer period has become quite a challenge. If your visitors are leaving your website within a few seconds then you need to find the reasons behind it as visitors leaving too early can end up increasing the bounce rate of your website which eventually will affect the ranking of the site on SERPS.

If your target audience is leaving your site too early then it will lower down the conversion rate due to which your business will suffer. You need to discover why your visitors are not sticking around then should consider taking all the possible measures to fix those issues.

Here are some of the possible reasons why visitors might be leaving your site:

Slow loading speed

One of the major reasons behind this issue is the slow loading speed. More than 40 percent of visitors tend to leave a website when it takes more than 2 seconds in the loading process. Slow loading speed can result in reducing the conversions. By increasing the loading speed of your website, you can make your visitors stick around.

Outdated website design

People tend to judge a website by its design. If the design of your website is not attractive enough to capture the attention of the visitors then they will not spend more than a few seconds on your website. The stunning design of the site leaves a good impression on the visitors so always ensure that your site design is practical and consistent. Changing outdated website design can also make your visitors stick around.

Too much advertisement

Displaying too much advertisement on your website can make the visitors overwhelmed and they can end up leaving your website within a few seconds. Too much advertisement is quite annoying, and it can easily get on anyone’s nerves.

Your website is not mobile-friendly

Nowadays, more and more people are accessing the internet through their compact devices so if your website is not mobile-friendly then it can make your visitors leave your website within a few seconds. Visitors appreciate well-designed and responsive websites so always ensure to make your website mobile-friendly.

Auto-play videos

Auto-play videos can really make your visitors click on the back button as most people do not like to consume online content that starts playing without their consent. So, if your website has any video that plays automatically then you should consider removing it as it can be the reason that makes your visitors leave your website.

So, these are a few possible reasons that make the visitors leave your website so quickly which result in increasing the bounce rate of the site. One must acknowledge the preference of its visitors then bring changes in his site according to it.