Mobile App vs. Mobile Website: Which one is the best choice for your business?

In this mobile era, people visit websites using their mobile devices which implies that every business should have a mobile presence to reach out to their target audience. Both mobile website & mobile app can serve your business better but slightly different. Both the platforms are quite similar but one needs to analyze deeply and choose the one which can accommodate his business needs.

All the business owner needs to consider various factors such as intended purpose, target audience, and budget while determining the suitable platform. What works better depends on the business’ objectives as some find a mobile website beneficial whereas some prefer to invest in a mobile app.

A mobile website is usually a mobile version of a website. The website is made responsive to be able to accommodate different screen sizes. Due to the growing popularity of mobile devices, people prefer to access the internet on their phones instead of desktop.

A mobile app is a software program created for specific platforms such as Android & iOS. It is an easy & interactive way of engaging with the target audience.

Let’s evaluate the features of both the platforms to understand what would be the best choice for your business:

Features of mobile website

  • Cost effective: Developing a mobile app requires a good amount of money whereas having a mobile/responsive website is cost effective. It is both time and cost effective way of establishing a mobile presence.
  • Compatibility: Unlike mobile apps, mobile websites are compatible with different types of mobile devices. A mobile app can work only on a specific platform whereas mobile websites don’t require any specific version.
  • Broader audience reach: With a mobile website, your business can easily reach out to a broader audience. People can easily search mobile websites on the search engine whereas mobile apps have to be searched from either Google Play or Apple’s app store.
  • Higher website traffic: Google tends to rank mobile-optimized websites higher in the search engine. Higher ranking on the search engine can easily drive more traffic to your website.

Features of mobile app

  • Ability to run without internet connectivity: Mobile apps can also run without internet connectivity. If you want to offer your content offline then you can totally do through a mobile app.
  • Push notification: Another amazing feature of a mobile app is to push notification. App publisher can easily send a notification to the users who have the app installed in their mobile devices.
  • Personalization: If you provide any service which allows the users to set their preference then you can do it through a mobile app. Users can easily customize the app based on their interests.
  • Convenience: Mobile apps are more convenient to use than a mobile website. People prefer mobile apps over mobile websites because it is easier to use, loads content faster & it also increases customer retention.

Which is the better option?

When it comes to choosing between a mobile app or a mobile website, the most right choice would be to evaluate your business goals then decide which platform can offer higher functionality to your business. If your goal to attain higher performance in a cost-effective way then the mobile website would be the right option for you but if your goal is to drive customer loyalty or to deliver a unique experience to your target audience then you should go for an interactive mobile app. No matter what you choose, make sure that it offers the right solution to your business.