Is Email Marketing Dead In 2020?

With the dawn of modern technological age, every marketer questions the effectiveness of email marketing. It has been told that the power of email marketing is no longer effective because it has been replaced by social media networks. Email marketing is a great platform to boost engagements and almost 99% of people check their email every day then, why marketers think that it is not effective? Well, in reality, email marketing is considered as one of the most effective lead generation channels so, it is surely not dead but is evolving.

To unleash the power of email marketing, it should be executed properly, and you must part ways from old-tactics otherwise, you won’t be able to attract or retain customers. Email marketing is far from dead as it is still used by many successful marketers to reach their target audience, however, to see desired results, you need to refine your email marketing strategy. With a potential of 4400% of ROI, email marketing is one of the best marketing tools that can enhance your marketing campaign.

Through email marketing, brands can easily engage, nurture & convert prospect leads. Many marketers fail at email marketing because they often misunderstood the concept of email marketing.

Let’s have a close look at email marketing:

Why email marketing still matters?                 

Email marketing is all about sending targeted emails ( such as advertisements, solicit sales, etc.)  to your prospects. This mode of marketing considered effective because it not only helps in strengthening long-term relationships with existing & potential customers but also boost brand reputation & trust. Email marketing still works in 2020, after all, it’s a great marketing channel that helps you engage with your audience & ultimately converting them into sales prospects.

Evolution of email marketing

Just like any marketing channel, email marketing has evolved so much in recent years. The tactics that were effective earlier have now fallen completely flat so you need to incorporate the latest tactics to drive desired results. The major reason many companies think that email marketing doesn’t work anymore because of low opening rates. However, they forget to realize, it happens so because of their general failure in email marketing efforts. So, to make your email marketing successful, you need to incorporate the trendy email marketing tactics.

What do you need to stop?

To make your email marketing campaign successful, you need to stop doing what most amateur email marketers do, that is, sending bulk emails that land into spam folders of your prospects. Most amateur marketers fail at email marketing because of the spamming they do with promotional emails. Sending out bulk emails is bound to fail as people couldn’t connect with such salesy emails so, you need to stop doing it.

How email-marketing looks like in 2020?

To make your email marketing successful, you need to send out personalized emails to your prospective & existing customers so that you can develop a long-term relationship with them. You can also consider sending valuable content to your customers via emails so that it can help you in boosting your brand’s reputation. Also, it is highly crucial to send emails at the right time in ideal frequency otherwise it will make your prospect frustrated & you will fail to reap the benefits of email marketing.

Through email marketing, you can easily generate positive results as there are limitless possibilities that you can attain from this phenomenally powerful channel. Even in 2020, email marketing is totally alive, however, you need to keep improving your tactics to reap utmost benefits.

Here’re a few email marketing trends that you need to incorporate in your marketing strategy:

Minimalistic design

To make your email marketing successful, you need to go for a minimalistic email design that can help in boosting your sales. In the era of overly-polished ads, the one thing that can help you beat the competition is simple & minimalistic emails that can humanize your brand & help you develop a lasting relationship with your customers.

Add video content

The next effective way with which make your email marketing effective is by adding video content in it so that it can help you market your products in a better way. The popularity of video content is growing day by day as people love to watch visual content so by incorporating it in your content, you can easily drive better results.


To boost your email marketing efforts, you need to incorporate the power of storytelling. To convert your customers, you need to humanize your brand using storytelling tactics as it helps in engaging them. It has been proven that people remember the story more than facts so when you use storytelling for promoting your brand then, it helps in creating an emotional bond between them.

So, these are the latest trend that you should consider incorporating in your email marketing strategy to drive desired results. Email marketing is a great marketing tool that can help you deliver your message to your subscribers. People who think email marketing is dead fails at executing the marketing tactics in the right manner. Email marketing can surely help you reach out to your target audience, however, you need to ensure that your marketing strategy is keeping up with the latest trends.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, email marketing is still alive, however, it has evolved in recent years. By keeping up with good & effective tactics & practices, you can surely make your email marketing successful.