How to use social proof to boost sales?

To run a successful online business, it is highly crucial to have strong social proof so that more and more people can acknowledge your brand & become your loyal customers. Nowadays, the online landscape is full of fierce competition so to cut through it, you need to strengthen your social proof which eventually will boost your sales & revenue.

Social proof has a major influence on the customer’s buying decision as everyone wants to ensure that the brand they are making purchases from is trustworthy & provide quality products. Nobody would prefer to buy a product from an unheard store so having a social proof is of utmost importance.

If you want to boost your website’s sales then you need to use your social proof to give your business a compelling chance of great marketing. Every online business owner wants to grow its business by boosting their sales & revenue, and one of the easiest ways of doing it is by creating a great social proof of their business which will help them in attracting potential customers.

By using social proof, you can easily persuade people that your business is the right one for meeting the customer’s needs. In the digital age, the online world is full of fierce competition so having compelling social proof can help your business in standing out from the crowd.

Marketers believe that social proof is a great tactic that can easily boost the website’s conversion rates as social proof is a psychological phenomenon under which people conform to other people’s actions as correct behavior.

In this article, we’ve rounded up how one can easily boost sales using social proof:

Customer reviews

One of the most effective social proof in e-commerce is customer reviews. When it comes to buying any product or service, the first thing that everyone looks for is customer reviews. People make their buying decision after reading all the reviews written by other customers then depending on the nature of the reviews, they make their buying decision. It helps the new customers to place trust in your business so customer reviews are a highly crucial element of social proof. By displaying customer reviews on the product pages, testimonials & landing pages, you can easily boost your sales.

Customer reviews are often considered as the simplest form of social proof. You can also ask your customers to add their picture along with the review so that the review looks more reliable & genuine.  Make sure to add both on-site & off-site reviews as it will help in boosting your website’s credibility.

Customer ratings

Another important element of social proof is customer rating. By having ratings on your products & services, you can help your new customers to place trust in you. Over 63% of customers are more likely to buy from a website that has customer ratings in the product section. The best way to use your social proof is by showing customer ratings so that it will encourage other visitors to buy from your website.

Media mentions

Just like reviews & ratings, another great social proof is media mentions. If your business’s product or service has been mentioned in media then don’t hesitate from letting your customers know that your business is truly worth their attention. You can display the media mentions on the homepage so that people can see it every time they visit your website. It will help in boosting your business’s credibility which eventually will help in boosting your website’s sales & revenue.

User-generated content

The next type of content which can improve your website’s social proof is user-generated content. It is one of the most effective form of social proof as a visual display of products works better than written reviews. Nowadays, people love to watch unboxing videos of other buyers before making their purchase so by encouraging unboxing videos among your customers, you can use it as a great element of social proof. It not only capture customer’s excitement but also satisfaction with the product. You can share the user-generated content on your social media platform as it will encourage more & more people to do the same which eventually will help you in boosting the brand’s popularity & sales.

Influencer marketing

Nowadays, influencer marketing has taken over all social media platforms. You can incorporate influencer marketing to boost the popularity of your product/service among the people. If someone with millions of followers endorses your product/service on their social platform then it will surely make a big difference in your website’s sales & conversion rate. Influencer marketing is an essential element of social proof which will definitely make your business stand out from the crowd.

Display important milestones

The next thing you should consider doing is sharing an important milestone with your visitors so that they can place their trust in your business. You can display your milestone either on the homepage or on the about us page so that it encourages your visitors to get converted into your customers.

Display reviews from industry experts

The next major social proof that can help your business grow is displaying reviews from industry experts. People keep such industry experts in high regards so getting a review from them can help your business from standing out from the crowd. You can ask an industry expert to review your product/service then you can display that review on the homepage and on your social media handles so that people notice it and starting buying it.

Final Thoughts

Using social proof can surely boost your sales and conversion rates as people tend to rely on social proof before making any buying decision. When a customer sees that everyone else is buying the product/service then it encourages him to buy it.