How to Rank Keywords on Google?

rank keywords on google

When it comes to gaining visibility in the SERPs, it is important to rank keywords on google, but what can you do to make it happen? Without taking content marketing and SEO seriously, you won’t be able to make your website rank.

Do you know which is the least visited place? Well, it is the second page of the SERPs. And that is the reason why you should aim at ranking on the first page because nobody visits the second page to find a solution to their query.

Search engine optimization is a repeating process that needs time and effort to show results. Due to the advancement in the algorithm,  search engines are getting better at understanding the intent behind every search which makes the keyword ranking process quite different from how it used to be.

Are you still not ranking well on the search engine, despite your continued efforts to boost keyword ranking? Well, you’re at the right place as we can help guide you through the whole process to make your keywords rank on Google.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can make your keywords rank well on Google:

Measure your keyword ranking

To make your keyword rank well, first, you need to start measuring your rankings. Without knowing how your keywords are doing in the search engine, you won’t be able to know what keywords are underperforming or what areas you need to work on. You can export keyword performance data from the Google search console and analyze your keywords’ baseline performance.

Improve your user experience

The next thing that you should be doing is improving your website’s user experience. From a search engine’s point of view, user experience and SEO work together so by boosting your website’s user experience, you can also have a positive impact on your SEO. You need to work on every element of your website to ensure that it improves your user experience. Make sure that every element of your website is aligned to encourage clicks to your website.

Consider intent

Understanding the search intent behind the keywords is important to rank well on the search engine. Long-tail keywords give a better idea about what a customer’s search is about so make sure to optimize your content keeping the search content in mind. You need to analyze what kind of content best serves the keyword, then you can conceptualize the content to best serve the searcher’s intent.

Research competitors’ keywords

In this highly competitive digital landscape, it is important to monitor your competitors’ keywords so that you can keep an eye on all the good stuff they are doing. By taking a look at what your competitors are doing, you can easily plan out a strategy to make your content better than your competitors. You can use various tools such as ahrefs, ubersuggest, etc to analyze your competitor’s content, then do better than them.

Add LSI keywords

Another effective way to make your keywords rank high on Google is by incorporating latent semantic keywords or related keywords in the content so that the search engine can easily figure out what your page content is about. By incorporating LSI keywords instead of stuffing one main keyword, you can rank better on the search engine.

Craft eye-catching titles

The next thing that you should be doing is crafting eye-catching titles for your content so that it can capture the attention of your audience & encourage them to click on it. Make sure to add your target keyword in the title so that you can rank well on the search engine. To impact your keyword ranking, you need to ensure that your titles are enticing enough to captivate the attention of your users.

Provide answers to the public

The next easy way to rank your keywords on Google is by providing answers to the public. Google’s mission is to answer the query of the searchers so by optimizing your content for questions that people frequently ask, you can rank at position zero of the search engine. When you provide answers to the public, then it signals to Google that your content is providing value to the customers so it automatically positions you on the top.

Completeness over length

When it comes to content, most people think that creating long-form content is the way to rank on Google. Well, to make the content rank well on the search engine, it is important to ensure that it offers completeness. Only adding word count won’t work, you need to make the content informative enough to answer the search query. Completeness matters because it gives satisfaction to the users by answering all their queries.

So, these are some of the easy ways in which you can make your keywords rank well on the search engine. With the advancement, deciphering the intent has become much easier for the search engine so always make sure to use sets of keywords that can easily tell the search engine what your website is all about & can position you higher on the search engine.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that ranking keywords on Google may seem like a daunting task, but it is not so. Just by optimizing your website and keeping the keyword ranking factors in mind, you can make your keywords rank well on Google. For more such informative posts, check out our blog.