How to improve your website’s Google ranking?

Everyone on the internet wants to be on the top position of search engine results page (SERPs) as higher the ranking, better would be prospects of the business. Generally, 95% people prefer to make their purchases from the websites which rank on the top position in the search engine, and only 5% percent people care to explore the second or the third page of Google. And, the reason being that they believe that the website ranked higher are more trustworthy and credible & than the ones that are ranking below. In the world of online business, Google ranking directly impacts the sales, ROI and overall growth of the business so it is highly essential for every business to take required steps to boost their ranking.

Climbing up the rank order has become quite challenging as everyone is putting their best efforts to beat their competitors. Also, while securing a prominent position in the search engine, you need to make sure that you follow good practices only. It has been seen that newbie business owners tend to involve themselves in black-hat practices due to which they end up getting penalized by Google.

Nowadays, mostly every business has moved to the online landscape and to be able to garner more traffic & sales, it is very important to improve your website’s Google ranking. Google search algorithm keeps on changing to main transparency in the digital world. To be able to rank higher o the search engine, you need to improve your website’s visibility. Website visibility improves when you strategically optimize your content & make it search engine friendly.

Improving Google ranking is not a piece of cake as nowadays, the online world is filled with intense competition. With a plethora of resources available, deciding what to use for improving Google ranking and make you even more frustrating. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the effective tactics that can improve your Google ranking:

Generally, rank improvement depends on many factors such as level of competition, hard work, budget, etc. However, If you want to rank your website on the first page of Google within a short span of time then you need to work a little harder as Google will not rank you on the top of the search engine overnight.

Optimize your website for long-tail keywords

Do you spend all your time & resources in optimizing your website for short-tail keywords then wonder why your ranking never improves? Well, It happens so because you are targeting the wrong keywords. Short tail keywords surely have huge traffic but they are highly competitive as well. So instead of wasting your precious time & resources on the short-tail keywords, target long-tail keywords to rank better on Google. You can try a keyword research tool to find out the sets of keyword which you can easily rank for.  By ranking for long-tail keywords, you can easily maximize your website traffic which will eventually help in improving your Google rankings.

Build more high-quality backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most important factors that Google considers while ranking websites on the SERPs. When the content of high-authoritative websites is naturally linked to your website then it gives a positive signal to the Google algorithms indicating that your content is valuable & rank it higher. While creating backlinks, always go for quality over quantity as Google prefers ranking those websites higher on SERPs which have high-quality backlinks.

Conduct an SEO audit

Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in boosting any website’s Google ranking. By improving your SEO, you can improve your chances of ranking higher on the SERPs. When it comes to SEO, people often get confused & couldn’t figure out what they did wrong so you need to conduct a proper SEO audit of your website so that you can come to know about all the possible errors that are impacting your ranking on the search engine. A full-website audit will give you an insight into your website’s SEO structure. By analyzing & rectifying all the errors, you can increase your SEO ranking.

Update  your website frequently

Google loves to rank those websites higher which are updated much frequently. For a company website, it is not quite possible to launch new products frequently to update their site but then comes blog into the picture. By having a blog section added to your site, you can update your site regularly. You can cover all the trending topics to drive maximum traffic to your website.

Improve your loading speed

To rank better on Google, you need to ensure that your website loads up within a fraction of a second. Google hates those sites that take too much time to get load as it ruins the user experience of the users that’s why they are not ranked higher. Neither visitors nor google like a slow loading site so you need to work on it. You can also lose your traffic & popularity due to slow-loading speed of your website.

Be active on social media

Having a strong presence of your business on social media can also help in improving your website’s Google ranking. Nowadays, social media acts as social proof, and you can also improve your social sharing. By having high social sharing, you can improve the overall SEO ranking of your website.

Use alt tags

The next thing that you need to do for improving your website ranking is using alt tags for visual & video media. It helps in improving the accessibility of a website as a search engine can’t read images so alt text helps in describing the image to the search engine.

Final Thoughts

To make your dream of ranking on the top position of the search engine true, you need to incorporate these effective tactics. By ranking high on SERPs, you can maximize your sales and achieve desired growth in your business.