How to Improve your Adword Quality Score?

When it comes to the Google AdWord campaign, the quality score determines the quality & performance of the ads. Millions of advertisers target the same sets of keywords so to be able to stand out in this highly competitive landscape, it is essential to work on improving your AdWords quality score.

Adword quality score indicates how well your keywords are performing in the adword campaign. If you run ad campaigns then you would know that Google gives quality scores to each keyword in a campaign that eventually decides how your campaign will perform on the search engine.

If you want to make most of your money been invested in the ad campaign then you need to take potential steps to search for the quality keywords to heighten your score in your Google ad campaign. With the score, you can find out whether you are using the right sets of keywords or not. As with the lack of scores, you might not able to find out whether the features you are offering on your website are beneficial or not.

What is the Google Ad quality score? & what makes it so important?

Google’s quality score rating is a metric of quality, performance & relevance of the keywords targeted in the ad campaigns. The quality score impacts both the position of the ad & the cost per action. Google quality score has a major impact on the success of your PPC so you need to focus on improving it.

In simple words, Google measures whether your keywords are good & relevant enough to stand out in the highly competitive digital landscape. Google takes into consideration many factors while determining the quality score of an ad such as quality of landing page, the relevancy of the keyword & the text, user experience, etc. so by focusing on these factors, you can make your ad appear at the top in the relevant Google searches.

The thing that makes Google ad quality score important is that it can influence your ad’s performance. Better the performance of the ad, the better will be the ROI. Google considers quality score along with CPC to determine the position of the ad in the search engine.

Now, let’s take into consideration some of the effective ways with which you can improve your Google quality score:

Target relevant keywords

The first thing that you need to focus on is finding & targeting relevant keywords. You shouldn’t include any irrelevant keyword in your ad campaign as then you may end up having a low-quality score. Keyword research is the initial step to improve quality score so always do proper keyword research so that you can easily reach out to your target audience. If you don’t want your AdWord account to suffer then you need to use better keyword data. You need to target relevant keywords so that it can have a better impression on the search engine.

If you are willing to improve your AdWords quality score then you need to make sure that your keywords match the search intent. By focusing on your keywords, you can make most of your PPC efforts.

Write high-quality Google ads

The next thing that you need to consider is writing high-quality Google ads. A compelling ad copy can easily draw more customers & can easily boost the quality score. You need to write an ad that which focuses on individual product or service so that it can have a better impact. By using an effective ad copy, you can have better exposure at lowe cost. You need to craft your ad in a way that people truly feel that you are offering what they exactly want.

Improve the landing page experience

Another effective way to improve your quality score is by improving the landing page experience. Your landing page should be creative & attractive enough to capture visitors’ attention in one go. If the landing page is not good enough then you can lose your quality score. Also, don’t forget to add relevant keywords to the landing page so that it can boost the user engagements. By increasing the quality score, you can get more users interested in your site. By bringing needful changes to your landing page, you can easily boost your quality score. Also, don’t forget to make the landing page load faster so that visitors can stay on your page.

Avoid using dynamic keywords

Google AdWord offers a feature named dynamic keywords in which one can put a search term exactly how it is typed by the users. This feature may seem effective but it can result in lowering down your quality score so you should avoid using this feature. This type of keyword insertion will indicate that your marketing isn’t capable enough to do its job.

Smaller ad groups

The next thing that you need to take into consideration to boost your quality score is by making smaller ad groups. When it comes to creating an ad group, size does matter. Runnng ads on multiple keywords isn’t a wise decision if you are trying to get your quality score increased. Many researchers have proved that using 1-10 keywords per ad group is much more effective than using 15-20 keywords.

When it comes to improving the quality score of your Google AdWord then you should focus on the quality of the keywords instead of the quantity.

So, these are some of the effective ways with which you can easily improve your Google ad quality score. Quality scores tend to change regularly so you need to keep working on these factors so that you can make a long-lasting impression on Google.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, By keeping a check on your keywords, landing page, etc, you can easily improve your quality score which eventually will provide your ads a better chance to stay at the top of the Google result page.