How to Get Your App Approved by the App-store?

The mobile app technology has transformed the business world in the digital landscape. Gone are the days when people use to check any product/service by entering the URL of its website in the search engine. Nowadays, people prefer to use mobile apps more than mobile websites. The trend of the mobile app is consistently gaining popularity in the business sphere as it is a great way to keep the target audience connected with your brand. With so much competition in the digital marketplace, it has become important for every business to incorporate what their audience prefers as then it will become easier to enhance sales & provide a good customer experience to them.

One of the best marketplace for an IOS app is the app-store powered by Apple. By submitting your app in the app store, you can easily reap all the benefits of the mobile industry. However, for the same reason, it can be really hard for getting your app approved by the app-store. Most business owners have a lurking fear that their app will end up getting rejected by the app-store as entering the app-store is not everyone’s cup of tea. To avoid any rejections, every developer must get rid of all the technical glitches in their app before submitting it otherwise you will fell into its pitfall. Apple’s mobile industry has strict rules & regulations which every app should follow to get approved.

If you are just a newbie then this app submission process can be quite daunting. To get your submitted in one go, you need to be very diligent and should work on its every aspect so that it runs smoothly. Your app should be up-to-date and packed with functionalities so that it can easily get approved by the app store. Facing rejection can be disheartening but submitting apps in the app store is like a driving test, by committing your hard work & time in perfecting it, you can easily avoid any rejections.

Still wondering what should you do to get your app approved by the app-store? Well, below are some tips that you can incorporate in your mobile app development process.

We’ve rounded some of the effective tips that can help you get your app approved by the app-store:

Simplify your app

The first thing that you should consider doing is simplifying your app. You should focus on designing your app as simple yet functional so that it can easily get approved. The initial app submission is the toughest for every developer so by submitting a simple app, you can easily get through this phase then once it gets approved, you can put all your advance idea on work for the future updates. Make sure that your app should have all the basic functionalities so that you can easily manage it without running it into any technical glitches.

Fix all the errors                                                                                                              

The next thing that you should be doing is to checking for error & fixing it so that it doesn’t disapprove due to any technical glitches. One of the major reasons most apps get rejected is due to all the errors & bugs in it. Before submitting your app in the app store, you need to ensure that it is free of any issues so that it doesn’t get rejected immediately. When it comes to submitting your app in the app store, there is no room for errors.

Fill out all the necessary details

Always make sure to fill all the necessary details that you are required to provide while submitting your mobile app on the app store. Sometimes, the app can also get rejected due to the absence of the necessary details so never ever leave out any details that they have asked you while submission of your app. The details that you’re required to fill while submitting your app are Your name & contact and, all the details regarding the APIs used in it. etc. By providing all the necessary details regarding your app, you can enhance the chances of approval.

Avoid beta submission

The next thing that you need to take care of is to avoid beta submission. When your app submission includes beta then it indicates that your app isn’t complete that’s why it can make it difficult for you to get approved by the app store. Apple’s app store only approve those apps that are complete in every way so make sure to avoid beta submission.

Practice patience while dealing with the review team

The review process can be frustrating and time-consuming but you shouldn’t lose your calm as then it can portray you in the bad light. You need to act kind and polite with the review team so that you can get the approval of your app.

Adhere to the guidelines

To get your mobile app approved, it is highly crucial to get your app approved by the app store. All the apps that deviate from the guidelines end up getting rejected by the app store review team so always make sure that you follow all the rules & regulation while developing and submitting your app. Make sure that every aspect of your mobile app is designed keeping the guidelines in mind so that you can avert any chances of rejection.

So, these are the things that you need to keep in mind while submitting your app in the app store. You need to pay attention to every element of your app and keep testing it to eliminate errors and bugs to get it approved by the app store team.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that, by pouring all your hard work and time in creating a smooth mobile app, you can easily make it to the app store which eventually will help you in taking your business onto the next level.

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