How to get backlinks indexed faster in Google

A decent amount of quality backlinks is the key to attain higher ranking in the search engine, however, just focusing on creating backlinks is not enough as you need to make sure that all the backlinks are getting indexed. If the search engine is not indexing your backlinks then all your hard work will go down the drains so to avoid that thing to happen, we’ve put together a few tips & tricks to make your link building campaign successful.

Just pouring your hard work on creating tons of backlinks will not make your site rank higher. If Google doesn’t notice your backlinks & get it indexed then your visibility & ranking will not improve.

The very first step to ranking is to make Google acknowledge your backlinks, so here are a few effective ways that one can use to get backlinks indexed faster:

Build links on authoritative websites

Google prefers indexing quality backlinks on authoritative websites as such backlinks seem legit to the search engine. Also, you need to avoid placing backlinks anywhere and must preferably place only where it makes sense. Google will surely index your backlink if you create it on a high-quality, relevant website.

Let it happen naturally

There are tons of backlinks that are created on a daily basis so it is quite natural that Google may take some extra time to index all the backlinks. Generally, Google takes around 1-2 weeks to index backlinks so you need to have the patience and let Google index your backlinks naturally.

Using Google search console

To get your backlinks indexed faster, all you have to do is set up your Google Search console then submit your URLs then click on the ‘submit request’ button. Also, you need to keep in mind that you can submit only up to 500 URLs per week. Manual submission of URLs can help in improving the chances of backlink indexation.

Ping your URLs

Pinging URLs can also help in increasing the index rate as this way you can actually tell Google to re-crawl the site as the latest information is yet not indexed. You can make use of any pinging tool for this purpose. However, do not ping the URLs over and over again as doing so would only annoy the crawlers.

Create social buzz

Another way of indexing backlinks faster is by sharing it on your social media platform, it will help in creating social buzz, and the search engine will address it as a trustworthy link as it gives the social proof.

Final thoughts:

To conclude this we can say that, backlinks plays a crucial role in improving the overall ranking of the site. Just putting all your hard work in creating them is not enough as you need to make sure that the search engine has indexed all the URLs. The best solution is to build high-quality backlinks which are also related to your niche. Follow all the above-mentioned effective tricks and get your backlinks indexed faster.