How to Fix SEO Ranking Fluctuations?

Fix SEO Ranking Fluctuations

So, you finally found your website ranking on the first page of the search engine, but then after a few days, it dropped down to the second or third page. Search engine ranking fluctuations can induce panic, but they are quite common and happen to everyone so,  keeping your cool is important.

The movement of the websites on the search engine results page is natural so even if you are positioned at the top of the search engine then it doesn’t mean that it is going to stay the same forever. In most cases, fluctuations in the ranking occur on the bottom half of the first page, and you cannot avoid them.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, to find the solution, first, you need to figure out why it happened, then based on that, you can take the necessary measures to fix it.

Possible Reasons for SEO Ranking Fluctuations

If you are someone who monitors the search ranking daily, then you would know how dramatically search engine ranking fluctuations are. Many factors may influence the search engine ranking so you need to look into the factors to diagnose what causes a shift in your search engine ranking.

#1. Algorithm updates

One of the most common reasons behind search ranking fluctuations is algorithm updates. The search engine keeps on rolling updates which can cause a significant impact on the search engine ranking. On seeing any extreme change in your search engine ranking, then algorithm updates can be a reason behind it.

#2. Search engine penalty

When it comes to ranking on the search engine, breaking rules can get you penalized. Incorporating black-hat SEO techniques can get your website penalized which can affect your search engine ranking. Make sure to keep an eye on your Google search console account to check if your account has been penalized.

#3. New competitors

The next possible reason behind your website’s ranking fluctuations can be the arrival of new competitors in the market. If your competitors’ SEO strategy outperforms yours, then it can drop your search engine ranking.

#4. Technical issues

Technical issues such as slow website speed, crawl issues, HTTP/HTTPS migrations, redirects, etc can be a big reason behind a dip in the rankings. On noticing any change in your ranking, then make sure to check that there are no technical issues with your website.

So, these are the possible causes behind your SEO ranking fluctuations. On noticing a dip in your ranking, you should first diagnose it carefully, then create strategies that can help you minimize the impact.

How to fix SEO ranking fluctuations?

The first thing people do when they see a drop in their SEO ranking is that they freak out. Well, first off don’t freak out. It will not help you. You need to focus on creating strategies that can fix this situation.

Make sure to use weeks as your period to measure the search rankings as then you will be able to analyze & fix the issue.

Get to know your Google algorithm

If the reason behind the drop in your SEO ranking is Google algorithm updates, then the first thing that you should be doing is understanding your Google algorithm so that rank your website.

Thorough knowledge of search engine ranking can help you know what factors search engines consider to rank high on SERPs. Then, you can create some actionable SEO strategies that can help you rank better on the search engine.

Improve your site’s health

The next thing that you should consider doing is improving your site’s overall health so that you can make your website rank better on the search engine. First, you need to analyze the current status such as loading speed, crawling issues, 404 pages, etc. to determine if there is an issue that might have resulted in causing fluctuations in your ranking.

Analyze your competitors

The digital landscape is highly competitive so sometimes your ranking may get dropped when there is someone who outranked you. If you see any marginal fluctuations in your ranking, then you should consider optimizing your website thoroughly so that it has better visibility in the search engine. To make your website rank higher, you need to beat your competitors.

So, these are a few things that you need to do to fix your SEO ranking. Search engine fluctuates all the time so you need to keep tweaking your SEO strategies so that you can minimize fluctuation in your search ranking.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that the digital world is highly competitive as everyone wants to jump to the first position even using shady strategies, but such practices can affect the search ranking in the long run. Marginal fluctuations are natural, but on noticing any significant changes in the ranking, then you should consider taking measures to fix them as soon as possible. For more such informative posts, check out our blog.