How Major Google Algorithms Updates Affected SEO

Google algorithms are a complex system that Google uses to deliver the best possible result for the search queries of the people. The search engine uses a combination of multiple algorithms to drive more accurate results. Every year Google roll out thousands of updates, some go completely noticed whereas some majorly impact the working of SERPs (Search engine result pages).

Earlier, Google used to introduce very fewer updates but now with so much competition on the online landscape, Google introduces thousands of algorithm updates that significantly affect the dynamics of the search results. Google takes many factors into consideration while ranking a site such as the quality & relevancy of content, keywords, number & quality of backlinks.

For an SEO professional, it becomes highly essential to analyze the update & understand how it can affect their website’s SEO. Google introduces so many updates each year only to ensure that the visitors are getting ideal satisfaction with the search results. The main motive behind all the updates is to provide quality results. The world of SEO is filled with white hat & black hat techniques, and many people tend to use black hat techniques to get their way up on the search engine but now the Google algorithm has become so efficient that it can easily segregate the good sites from the bad.

Over the years, Google has rolled out a number of updates which has resulted have entirely affected people’s SEO strategy. Most SEO people notice an update when it significantly impacts their site’s SEO. Most of the time, Google doesn’t provide guidance on what changes have been introduced in the algorithm that’s why it becomes more difficult for people to understand the reason behind the shake-up of their SERPs.

We’ve listed out all the major algorithm updates that may affect your website’s SEO:

Panda update

Google introduced a “panda” update back in the year 2011. The main focus of this algorithm is content. By introducing this update, Google wants to target those websites that have many content-related issues. Earlier, websites tend to have thin content which is stuffed with keywords that severely impacted the user experience of the people so to deal with all the content-related issues, panda update was introduced. After this update, it has become essential for every website to create fresh & original content to be able to gain a significant position in the SERPs.

Content became one of the major factors that Google algorithms consider while ranking any website. Keeping the spammy content away from SERPs is the major reason behind Google’s panda update. Now, In the world of search engine optimization, it has become essential for every website to focus on creating quality content other it will severely impact their website’s SEO.

Penguin update

The next major update that Google introduced was “penguin update” in the year 2012. This algorithm update was introduced to deal with spammy backlinks. People used to create spammy & low-quality backlinks for boosting traffic & search ranking of their website. The penguin update is rolled out to make people stop using unethical practices to generate backlinks. With this update, Google easily identifies & penalize the sites which have created irrelevant or spammy backlinks using unethical methods. To combat all the spammy backlinks issues, Google penguin update has changed the algorithm, and now Google heavily penalizes the sites that obtain backlinks unethically.

Hummingbird update

Launched in the year 2013, the hummingbird update is another major algorithm update that affected the world of SEO. This update is introduced to better understand user intends. Earlier Google used to show results by considering the words in the search query instead of considering the intend of the query. After this update, the usage of keywords in the website entirely changed as Google started giving importance to the concept rather than just keywords.

Rankbrain update

The next major update that Google introduced is the rank brain update. This update is similar to the hummingbird update as it also helps the Google algorithm to better understand the main concept behind search queries. After this update, Google targets those websites that lack query-specific relevance features and have shallow content on their site.

Core update

One major algorithm update that Google introduced this year is the core update. After the core update, people starting noticing a major change in the ranking of their site. This update majorly focuses on the content, userexperience of the people, and the factual correctness of the content.

BERT update

The next biggest update that has affected the SEO landscape this year is the BERT update. This update has majorly influenced the search ranking of the websites. This update targets those websites that do not offer proper search query results. After this update, it become easier for Google to better understand the search query. It targets those websites that don’t have relevancy feature in their content.

So, these are the major algorithm updates that Google has rolled out over the years. Surely, these updates have brought massive changes in the SEO landscape but it was essential to free the digital space from spammy links and thin content. If you want to rank higher on the search engine then it is essential to incorporate ethical practices only so that Google doesn’t penalize you.

Final Thoughts

By having the knowledge of all the algorithm updates, you can easily incorporate various strategies to boost up your ranking on the search engine.