How do colors influence websites?

When it comes to web design, choosing an appropriate color scheme is of high importance. One should never underestimate the power of color scheme in influencing website user engagement. It has been psychologically proved that different colors can evoke different emotions. The color scheme has the potential to affect the visitor’s sub-conscious mind and it can create a positive or negative user experience.

Choosing the color scheme of the website based on personal preference is not a wise decision as your chosen color may not look appealing to your visitors. By choosing the right colors, you can influence the buying decision of people. The visitors don’t even realize how colors influence their sub-conscious mind. Different colors trigger different emotions so by having sound knowledge of color psychology, you can reinforce the desired user experience.

The colors used on a website should evoke good emotions and helps in making an informed decision. Different colors evoke different emotions so people should use the right color in the right way as then it can help in improving the branding of your website. It has been proved in a study that colors can improve brand recognition for up to 80%. Most businesses are not aware of this fact that they don’t do good research before choosing the colors which somehow affect their website’s conversion rate. The colors you choose to use on your website should communicate your brand value.

The colors scheme should be consistent as it helps in boosting the conversion rate. Firstly, you need to do proper research to find who your target audience it then you can should that information in creating a website using the combination of colors which can easily capture the attention of your visitor.

We’ve rounded up a list of website colors with their psychological meaning:

White: Using white color in the website design helps in reflecting the sophisticated concept. It helps in creating a clean & minimalistic design. It is mostly paired up with bold colors to give a clean effect to the website.

Yellow: Yellow is a happy and vibrant color which is used in websites to capture attention on the website. Yellow colors shouldn’t be used overall on the website as then it will give an overwhelming effect on the website.

Blue: Blue is the best color to be used on the website as it conveys tranquility. However, only light hues of blue should be used on the overall website instead of using darker hues of blue. Darker hues of blue are quite depressing so it should not be used much frequently on the websites.

Green: Green color has a relaxing effect and helps in creating a calm effect on people.

Red: Red is an intense color and it creates urgency. This color is mostly used in e-commerce websites which make the visitors shop impulsively.

Orange: Just like red, orange is also a great color which helps in stimulating conversion rates.

Using the right colors on the website is of supreme importance as it can help in influencing the conversion rate of the website. When it comes to websites, colors can largely influence consumer behavior.

Final Thoughts                           

Choosing the color scheme is an important decision as the aesthetics of the website depends on the color combination of the website. Moreover, colors can also influence a visitor’s buying decision. The website owner must have a sound knowledge of color psychology while choosing his website colors.