How Blog Commenting Can Benefit Your SEO?

In the world of search engine optimization, whether to allow comments or not is a big debatable question that arises in the mind of every website owner. Some people think that allowing blog commenting only encourages spam whereas some believe that it can really benefit website SEO.

Nowadays, almost every website has a blog section where they share relevant information with their target audience but not everyone allows a comment section. The blog section offers a great opportunity to the website owners to start a two-way conversation with their target audience. If you don’t allow the blog comments then the only person talking would be you and you won’t be able to get your audience’s perspective. Over the years, it has been proved that all those websites that have allowed blog comments and actively interact with their audience has a strong audience base than the ones who have disabled blog comments. Maintaining a blog section isn’t easy as one needs to put time and resources in it to keep the conversation going but it can really help in expanding your audience. But all the hard work and time you put in your blog comments can surely benefit your website SEO.

Blog comments are a great resource for small business as it offers great opportunity to boost engagements. Many big businesses use to turn their blog comments off as they already have a strong audience base on their social media so for them putting time & effort in keeping the conversation going on social media would be more beneficial for them. By allowing good and quality comments on your blog post, you can boost the SEO performance of your site. Also, it is highly crucial to incorporate only good blog commenting practices to keep the website free of any spam. Always monitor your blog comments so that you can minimize the incoming of low-quality backlinks.

As far as your site is concerned, the only way blog commenting can benefit your website SEO is when there is high-volume of good quality comments in it. What people write up in your comment section can actually add value to your blog section. By getting a good response to your blog post, you can know about your audience’s thoughts on it. People tend to leave a lot of feedback in the blog comment section so by taken those feedbacks into consideration, you can establish a good brand image.

We’ve rounded up a few reasons how blog-commenting can benefit your SEO:

Boost website traffic

Allowing comments on the blog is a great way to boost website traffic. Generally, people tend to write long-tail keywords in the comment section which Google bot crawls & ranks those articles higher on the search engine. However, it is highly crucial to ensure that your blog doesn’t have any speck of spam in it otherwise, your Google ranking will start falling. The long-tail keywords mentioned in the comment section can help in developing the credibility & authority of your website. Also, when you interact with your audience in the comment section then your audience tends to return back as people love those websites that engage with their audience. It also helps in establishing a long-term relationship with your audience.

Enhances internal linking

Another way of boosting SEO through blog commenting is by adding links to your other articles while responding to your audience’s comment. Also, makes sure to insert linking link when it is relevant to it otherwise, it will look spammy. Google loves to rank those websites higher which has a strong internal link structure & it is also good from an SEO perspective.

Boost user engagement

Having an interactive comment section on the website can also help in boosting user engagement. People prefer to connect with those sites where they feel that they have a voice and their opinion matters. Having a high volume of good comments can also encourage users to comment on your blog. Blog comments also help in enhancing the popularity of the website.

Establish credibility

When you allow blog comments on your website then it gives you ample opportunity to establish credibility of your website. By interacting with your audience in the blog section, you can present a positive image of your brand.

Improves social share

Many studies have shown that the people who comment on your blog are more likely to share it on their social platforms. By having a good interactive session in the comment section, you can also encourage your visitors to share it on social media. With high social share, you can boost your social share ranking.

So, these are some of the benefits of having blog comments on the website. By using good practices, you can boost your SEO and make your website rank higher on the search engine. While having comments on the blog is good for your website but you need to constantly monitor it to avoid any spamming activity. Make sure to minimize the incoming of low-quality links so it doesn’t harm your SEO in any way.

Final Thoughts

Blog comments are a great way to enhance the SEO of a website, however, you need to incorporate good practices so that Google doesn’t penalize you. By improving the SEO of your website, you can enhance your visibility, sales, and credibility of your business.