How an ideal homepage should look like?

In today’s world, having an interactive & functional website is the key to thrive the business in the digital landscape. An interactive and visually pleasing website acts as the backbone of any online business. The homepage of a company’s website serves a vital purpose as it is where people can access all the information related to the company, and that’s why having a simple yet creative appeal offers deeper engagement.

Having a refreshing homepage is necessary for boosting the sales process as most people judge a company by visiting their homepage & if they don’t find it interesting enough then they have a higher likelihood to exit from that website. The homepage is considered as the most important page of any website as it is the inviting pathway of your company. All the elements of the website should be designed in a way that it can easily communicate with the target audience.

homepage designThere are a number of interactive themes available, all having tons of different elements in it which makes it quite essential for every company to understand what elements they want to include in their website in order to make it shine in the crowdy digital landscape. Having a robust website helps in improving the converting rate as people love to explore websites that have a well-designed homepage.

Well, when it comes to the homepage of a company website, it is not always about aesthetics, the functionalities also matter so you need to incorporate elements that can help to reach out to more customers. The success of a website largely depends on many factors and having a functional homepage is obviously one of them. While designing a new website or redesigning a website homepage, you need to consider a number of must-haves elements that will help work best for boosting your website’s conversion rates.

Just putting a bunch of aesthetically pleasing things together is not enough to make a good & long-lasting impression on your target audience. You need to ensure that your homepage delivers all the necessary information to your audience so that they can easily connect with you. The homepage should have a professional appeal to it and it must have good navigation so that the audience can easily explore the whole site. Also, whether you want to build a custom homepage or go with a pre-designed theme, you need to execute every element in a way that it will contribute to achieving website objectives.

Here are some of the must-have elements of an ideal website homepage:

Creative logo

The first thing that people generally notice after landing a company’s website is its logo. Company logos play a crucial role in branding and spreading awareness about the brand’s identity. The logo of the company should be creative so that it can a long-lasting impression on the audience. Also, always make sure to add a homepage link into the logo

High-quality original images

It may seem much convenient to use a stock image for your website but it is certainly not the best decision. While designing your homepage, always consider using high-quality original images as it helps in building the credibility of your website. People can easily connect with the companies who display their real identity by incorporating original images of their company into the website homepage. Also, don’t forget about the picture quality as nobody would be interested in watching blurry, low-quality images and it also doesn’t look professional so always use high-quality original images on your website homepage.

Well-written crisp headline & sub-headline

A well-written headline is highly crucial as it communicates the brand value to the visitors. Also, avoid super technical lines as it will end up create confusions so write clear & simple headlines so that your target audience can easily know what your brand has to offer. In the sub-heading section, elaborate a little more about your company’s vision or mission so that people can know more about your company.

Choose a pleasant color-scheme

Choosing a pleasant color-scheme is highly crucial to lifting the aesthetics of the website. The color combination should work together and it should also be used throughout the website so it gives a professional vibe to it. The colors shouldn’t look tacky otherwise it will adversely affect the conversion rate of the website.

Social media handles

Nowadays, social media plays a crucial role in boosting the conversion rates of a company website as people love to buy things or services which is talked about on all the social platforms. Don’t forget to have a proper exposure of your website on various social media handles so that people can easily recognize you. Place all your company’s social media buttons on the website homepage so that people can easily follow you on those platforms.

Contact information

One of the most important elements of an ideal homepage is having proper information details (such as email address, phone number, tech support, etc. on the top or bottom section of the homepage so that people can easily reach out to you.

Clear call-to-action

Call to action offers an array of opportunities to boost the conversion rate. If you want your visitors to explore the website deeply then you should add clear call-to-action buttons so that more and more people will visit the other parts of your website. Make sure to use a contracting color to highlight the CTA button.

Final Thoughts

By combining all the must-have elements of an ideal homepage, you can easily distinguish yourself from your competitors. Every element should make your homepage look good both aesthetically and functionally. Also, don’t forget to use only best practices while designing an ideal homepage.