Guide To Google Penalties

Google penalties are the punishment that Google imposes on webmasters for violating webmaster guidelines. Generally, Google penalizes the websites either by updating its algorithm or through a manual review. The penalties that Google imposes on the websites depends on the reasons that have triggered the penalty. You need to figure out whether the inflicted penalty is the by-product of algorithm change or is a serious action that Google has taken against you for incorporating any black-hat technique.

Depending on the severity of the violation, Google decides the penalty. A Google penalty is the worst nightmare of any webmaster as it can drop your search engine ranking, organic traffic dramatically. A Google penalty should not be taken as a minor punishment as it can doom your online presence within a matter of seconds.

Thanks to all the tools & resources available online, you can easily watch out and keep your website protected from getting penalized. One of the most important things that you need to do to avoid getting penalized by Google is to engage only in white-hat techniques in SEO otherwise Google will penalize your website heavily.

Types of Penalties

Basically, there are two types of penalties that Google imposes on websites:

1) Manual Penalties: This penalty occurs when any person from the Google spam review team spots any malicious website. This penalty can also occur if any user or competitor reports of any suspicious tactics used by other websites.

2) Algorithmic Penalties: This penalty occurs when the search engine brings changes in the algorithm which results in penalizing the links that are malicious. There is no human intervention in the working of this penalty as it is totally based on Google’s algorithm.

How to protect your site from Google penalties?

Monitor your link profile

One of the most common reasons behind Google penalties is spammy or malicious links. Google truly prohibits the links that are spammy or malicious so you need to ensure that your site is free of any such links. You need to analyze your link structure carefully so that it doesn’t contain any unnatural links otherwise Google will penalize you. Your link profile should not contain any links that are generated using black-hat link building techniques. Also, you need to ensure that you are not buying links from other sites as those sites are often considered spammy sites so any link exchange from such sites can surely get you penalized from Google.

Avoid targeting any specific anchor text

The next way of protecting your site from Google penalties is by not targeting any specific anchor text. Anchor text refers to the keywords that one uses while creating links so it is crucial to ensure that you’re your anchor text is natural and not spammy. Targeting anchor text is considered malpractice so it is essential that you don’t keep on targeting the same sets of keywords every time.

Anchor text spamming is totally prohibited by Google & to handle it, Google penalizes those websites that use this spammy tactic to gain high authority on the Google SERPs.

Improve your guest posting links

When it comes to backlinks, guest posting is one of the major sources that people use to drive high authority links. However, if you don’t use guest posting carefully then you can end up getting your site penalized by Google. While doing guest posting for any website, you need to ensure that you are contributing to a good authoritative site. Engaging in black-hat activity can become a breeding ground for Google penalization.

Include only quality content

The next thing that you need to consider in order to protect your site from getting penalized is by adding only high-quality content on your site. As we all very well know that content is the king so if you want your website to stay away from any penalties then you should consider adding good-quality content. Adding plagiarized or thin content can end up getting your site penalized so you need to make sure that your content is unique & of high-quality.

Eliminate negative SEO

The next thing that you should consider doing in order to protect your site from Google penalties is eliminating negative SEO. Incorporating negative SEO can truly ruin all your SEO efforts as it will show Google that you are using black-hat techniques to gain a prominent position on the search engine. You need to get rid of all the spammy links from your website so that Google doesn’t penalize your website.

So, these are the ways with which you can protect your site from getting penalized. Google penalties can make all your hard work & resources go down the drain so you need to always monitor your website closely & avoid doing things that can land you up with Google penalties.

Final Thoughts

To sum this up we can say that, Google penalties are a total nightmare for every webmaster. Most people think that they can manipulate the search engine and for that, they consider incorporating malicious tactics but doing such things can result in getting your site penalized. Makes sure to follow all the above-stated ways to protect your site from Google penalties.