Effective ways to prevent comment spam on your WordPress site

Every WordPress blogger has to tackle spam issue to keep his site working smoothly. It is essential to keep your blog clean off the irrelevant content otherwise your site will end up blacklisted from the search engine index. You need to manage your website in a way that it keeps spam away from your website.

The most common form of spam is the comment spam on the blog posts. Generally, spammy comments are done both manually and through robotic bots. The major aim behind the spam comment is to ping backlinks to another site. However, Google strongly opposes such black hat practices and can de-index your website.

Some bloggers may think that removing the whole comment section is the possible way to uproot this problem entirely, however, we don’t suggest doing that as comment section plays a crucial role in engaging with your audiences. On the other hand, if you chose to let those comments unbothered then it would make your website look unprofessional as your whole comment section will get filled up the comments. In the website ecosystem, the comment spam is unavoidable, however, one can combat spammy comments by taking action against it.

Comment spam is a big issue and the blog owners should never ignore it as this ignorance can cost you your website. Spammy comments are generic in nature which make it easier to recognize it.

Thinking about how to tackle with the spammers? Don’t worry, We are here at your rescue!

We’ve rounded a few effective ways to prevent comment spam on your WordPress website:

Create a blacklist of words

The first thing that you can do to is creating a blacklist of words that are mostly used in spammy comments. In the WordPress dashboard, you will find a section named “comment blacklist”, here you can add all the possible words that a spammy comment mostly contains. All the comments containing blacklisted words will go straight into the trash section.

Activate Askimet

Another way of preventing spam is by choosing a plugin which will keep the spammy comments out of your inbox. Askimet is a great WordPress plugin having built-in spam blocking settings which help in blocking all sorts of spammy messages.

Comment moderation

Another great way of preventing spam is by enabling comment moderation. Firstly, you need to set up comment moderation system from the dashboard. Under this system, you need to manually approve all the comments before it becomes public. This is a great way to prevent spammy comments from appearing as all the comments will be held pending before they are reviewed by you.

Final Thoughts

Spammy comments can severely harm your website’s health. For tackling with the comment spam, you need to tighten your defenses. Spammy comments can clutter your website & make it look unprofessional so, you need to incorporate right techniques to make your website spam-free.