Easy Ways to Improve Organic CTR (click-through rate) in WordPress

In this SEO ecosystem, everyone wants to rank higher on the search engine however there are many factors that affect its ranking, and one among them is CTR (click-through rate). Click-through rate is the ratio of the people who click on your organic search result against the total number of impressions.

Improving organic CTR helps in boosting search engine ranking as CTR enhances brand awareness. Google rewards genuine website and for that, it totally relies on the behavior of the people. If people find your website helpful, and you got more clickthroughs then Google will probably rank you much higher on the search engine.

The ultimate goal of every website owner is to rank well on the search engine as a higher rank implies a higher number of visitors. Click through rate and search engine ranking is closely inter-related so to rank better you need to work on improving your organic CTR.

Let’s consider the various effective ways with which you can improve your organic CTR:

Effective Headlines/Titles

The first thing that you need to work on is the title of your page or post. Optimization of titles is good but over-optimization or badly-written can severely impact your click-through rate. The title should be apt enough to convey what your page is about. While writing headlines, you need to keep in mind that you are writing for humans, not for search engine bots.

Remove publication date

Another way of improving CTR is by removing the publication date. If you don’t update your site’s content on a regular basis then you should consider removing its publication date as people don’t prefer to read outdated content. However, if you have a magazine/news site then you must keep the content of the site dated.

Compose an impactful meta-description

The next thing that you need to do is compose an impactful meta-description so that people click-through. A well-written meta-description has a great impact on the visitors so you have to be very clever with it and you need to frame it in a way that it gives the idea of what your page is really about. Also, don’t forget to add a focus keyword in the meta-description.

Descriptive site URL over generic URL

The next major thing that you need to take care of is that your links should appear descriptive. In WordPress, by default, it shows generic URLs so you need to modify it to make it look descriptive. A clear URL seems genuine and not spammy & can result in improving click-through rates.

Make site speed a priority

Lastly, the thing that matters is the loading speed of the website. Both search engine & visitors prefer a site which gets loaded as fast as possible. Loading speed is one of the factors that Google consider while ranking any website and as I mentioned earlier that click-through rate & Google ranking is inter-related so you need to speed up your website to rank it better which will eventually improve your CTR.

Final Thoughts

Improving CTR is a great way to boost ranking & traffic of your website. CTR is of high importance for your website SEO campaigns so follow up all the above-stated effective ways and enjoy success in the SERPs.