Easy & Hassle-free Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Ways to Grow Your Email Marketing List

The world of digital marketing is evolving continuously with the stream of a never-ending stream of technologies. And when it comes to running a successful marketing campaign, email marketing is considered one of the best ways to attract & retain customers. Having said that, to make your email marketing work, it is important to thrive your email marketing database with new subscribers to see desired results.

So, why you should always look for ways to grow your email list?

Well, the answer is simple: your email list degrades by 25% every year so adding more subscribers to the email list is not an option, but a necessity to make your email marketing campaign successful. For marketers, email-list building is a valuable process to grow business to the next level.

When someone says email marketing, do you mind jumps to email copy, catchy subject line or open rates? Well, don’t jump on that bandwagon too soon as you’re missing one crucial point: building a robust email list that can give your marketing campaign stellar growth.

No matter how big or small your business is, having a thriving email list can help in shaping your marketing campaigns. The best way to entice more and more people to join your email list is by clearly communicating the value that your business offers.

Ready to acquire & retain new subscribers? Let’s get started!

Here’re a few easy & hassle-free ways to grow your email marketing list:

#1. Encourage your existing subscribers to share your emails                      

One of the easiest ways to leverage your email marketing list is by encouraging your existing subscribers to share your emails with their friends. You can simply add a share button of your marketing emails so that they can reach more people. Also, don’t forget to add a subscribe button too as people receiving the forwarded emails might want to subscribe to your email.

#2. Make the offer more appealing

The next easy way to entice more people to opt-in is by crafting an appealing offer that they can’t decline. To turn your visitors into subscribers, you need to offer them something valuable which they agree to exchange their email address for. Make sure to understand what your target audience wants then craft the offer accordingly so that more and more people become your email subscribers.

#3. Minimize the clicks to subscribe

To collect more subscribers, make sure that subscribing to your email list is easy & hassle-free. Most people tend to place the opt-in form only on the homepage, which is good. However, to expand your email database, you need to place your opt-in form in all other places as well so that you can make it easy for people to join your email list.

#4. Give more control to your subscribers

Just acquiring new subscribers is not enough, you need to retain them as well. Not every subscriber is the same, some might enjoy reading your content frequently whereas some might get easily overwhelmed so it is important to give your subscribers some control so they can choose the frequency of the emails. You can offer different plans to your subscribers so that they can decide for themselves how frequent they can hear from you.

#5. Put opt-in forms in the blogposts

You can also insert opt-in forms in the blog posts to grow your email marketing list. The best way to lure your readers to become your loyal subscribers is by offering them value in the post. You can just simply ask your subscribers to join your email list if they want to read more such valuable content. With the help of your content, you can easily expand your email marketing list.

#6. Use social media platforms

The next effective way to make your email marketing list grow is by using various social media platforms to entice your customers to grow your email list. By using an effective social media strategy, you can easily reach out to more people, making it easy for you to expand your email list. You can hold online content on social platforms & encourage more & more people to submit their email address in exchange for free giveaways.

#7. Guest blog on another website with a CTA

When it comes to expanding the network, nothing is easier than guest posting on a website with a similar target audience. When you guest post on other websites, you just have to add a CTA so that if the readers like your post then they can sign up to your email list. Make sure that you do guest blogging on a website that is relevant to your niche & has a similar target audience.

So, these are a few things that you should consider doing to expand your email marketing list. With the right strategy & solid approach, you can surely attract more and more people to join your newsletter.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, we can say that your garden of an email list will not bloom overnight, but you can easily do it by employing effective strategies. All you have to do is offer value to your potential subscribers & encourage them to submit their emails to get more valuable content in their inboxes.